​FRESHER’S GUIDE: Understand your University’s rules to avoid “USUMBUFU”

After her high school at Feza Girls school, Edith, now a second year at Ardhi; ran through Dar es Salaam’s top boutiques to get herself many designer hot tight pants and short dresses, little did she know that Ardhi University where she was admitted had a strict dress code for its female students and like her, many students have an illusion that university life comes with lots of freedom and no rules to follow which is quite not true.

“I had saved my little “pesa” to buy some tight jeans and tshirts, rocking “kofias”. I thought it was time to up my swagg only to be disappointed when I reached at my campus IFM.  They don’t allow us males to dress hivyo” – Edwin , now a third year student told the lane. It is such a norm at the Institute of Finance Management, male students are prohibited from dressing jeans and funny haircuts, wearing ornaments and plaiting hair, you may loose out on your place at this University if you dare do any of the fore mentioned.

Some universities limit or control the dress code of their students, point in case is the College of Business Education (CBE) , here female students ought to wear long skirts that covers all the body parts except the hands, face and feet.
“Our students must at all times wear skirts or dresses while on campus and they should not be body tight skirts to expose there body shape. They must cover up, not just tight their bodies” – One of the rules states in CBE books.

At the prestigious University of Dar es Salaam, students will not be allowed to hang around in halls of residence where they don’t live after midnight. Two or more students are not allowed to share one bed, “kubebana” it is strictly not allowed. You face a big punishment once found. They are also not allowed in halls of opposite sex students beyond 08:30 pm

Various Universities like UDSM, ARDHI, IFM, Tumaini Makumira among others, have  strict law on missing of exams, lectures, usage of drugs among their students, “kuvaa vibaya darasani” among female students,  examination rules and many more.

Make it an effort to attend your University’s orientation for more specific rules that govern your new home for the next 3 or 4 years and this will help you not to land into trouble with the concerned authorities.  Rules and regulations are such relevant.

At Campus lane we wish you a blessed start to university life, be ready to ride with us