4 Essential Academic Writing Skills and How to Easily Improve Them

Academic writing is a complicated task for the majority of students, and there are many reasons that can explain this situation. Firstly, it is hard to write in this formal style because it’s not the way you speak or communicate with the world in the real life. Secondly, in most cases, you need to create an essay or research paper on the topic that doesn’t fit into the range of your interests. Thirdly, all the details of the formatting, structure, and style make it difficult to concentrate on the content turning the whole creation process into some kind of a torture. But academic writing is not that hopeless, after all. If you know how to approach it properly and which skills to hone to master the particular kind of tasks, your school and college life will become much more delightful. And you would like that, wouldn’t you?

In this case, follow our tips that will tell you which abilities you must develop and how to do it in order to excel at academic writing. Enjoy!

Time Management

One day, you receive an assignment to write a reflexive essay on the economic advantages of the climate change. You have two weeks to figure out how you are going to structure your piece, which materials you will use to build up the content and which points you will prove. It seems like you have all the time in the world, and there is no need to worry about the task just yet. But the days pass fast, and you find yourself in a situation when tomorrow you need to submit your essay, and you have no idea even how to start.

Procrastination, postponing, and inability to manage your time reasonably are the main reasons students so often skip the deadlines. If you don’t want to repeat the mistakes of others, you should work on your time management skills.

Solution: Divide the whole assignment into mini-tasks and plan to get them done every day. Use Wunderlist to include all those mini-tasks in one place and strike them off after completion. Also, install an app called Rescue Time so that you know what takes the most of your time while you are using your PC/laptop.

Critical Thinking

It is an ability to critically evaluate the situation, make your own conclusions and apply them in practice on similar occasions. This is the main thing that is assessed by the academic writing assignments and the most valuable skill sought by almost every employer out there. That’s why you need to boost your critical thinking and train it every time you have a chance, especially when writing essays, research or term papers.

Solution: In order to create the most suitable conditions for improving these skills, you must make it a routine to question everything that surrounds you. Be curious and don’t settle for simple answers: get to the bottom of the issue. It also helps to read the literature that explains the critical thinking.


Creativity allows you to come up with ideas on how to look at the topic from a different, sometimes unexpected angle. It assists in building persuasive arguments and makes the reader hooked in your writing. In case you have an opinion that creativity is not your thing, we beg to differ. This skill can always be developed and improved if approached properly.

Solution: Consider all ideas that come to your mind and think how you can rationally realize them. Also, while reading your favorite books, note down different methods that the authors use to make the text more engaging and interesting. Try playing a board game Story Cubes as well – it is created specially for advanced writers to develop their


This is one of the most important skills necessary to make the writing process complete. If you think that surfing the Internet can be called research, you’re mistaking because it is a much more complicated procedure. You need to be able to identify whether the source you’ve come across is reliable or not. You also have to know how to spot the most crucial tidbits of information (otherwise, the research will take a lot more time than it should). After you find the necessary data, it is essential to sort it properly in order to use its benefits to the maximum.

Solution: The main misconception about the research is that you just search, find and read because that’s how you understand it. But what you need to do first is to learn more about the research itself. Cover different tips and hacks of Google search, try various methods of categorizing information, consult with your professor. You’ll be surprised what results it can bring if done correctly.

Enhance these particular skills and see how academic writing is becoming easier for you.