Meet the 5 sexiest Campus ladies

Who run the world? (girls) We bring you the hottest chics that are currently driving the campus dudes berserk. All we need is you to grab a cup of hot coffee and marvel.

5. Lumbi Sabini.


She is a 2nd year student of Business Administration at Tumaini University,Dar es Salaam. Her baby face accentuated with dimples are things to die for. She loves laughing and dancing. She is fun loving and a friend to all. Follow her on IG @kim_cr9fabulus_


4. Adelaide Richard


She is a 3rd year student of Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics at the University of Dar es Salaam. Her angelic face haunts many giving them wild imaginations. I must admit she has got a waistline to die for,or because she knows the perfect clothes to expose her curves. But sadly for campus lads,she seems to love her man. Follow her on IG @ms.adelaide


3. Janeth


She is a 3rd year student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at St Joseph’s University. She keeps on the low but that doesn’t mean we haven’t noticed her. Whether drapped in a skirt or pants,this free spirit looks gorgeous. Who’s Janeth??Go ask any male campuser at St. Joseph. Follow her on IG @queennjanie


2. Felister Taylor


She is a 3rd year student of Banking and Finance at IFM. Is she sexy??Most definately……She makes anything look good. She is a perfect example thin girls can look good minus exaggerated boobs and ass. Follow her on IG @ felistertaylor

1. Nkabasia Mushi a.k.a Kebby


Haters gonna hate on our final sexiest,but the thirsty niggas made their choice. This beautiful painting is a 2nd year student of Commerce in Finance at the University of Dar es Salaam. Her body gets the Adams of this universe drooling. Her skin tone and colour is heaven. She is the kind of girl who is all about her girls, her squad is her life.