5 tips on having smooth,attractive and shining hair.

Hair is one thing that pulls out a campus lady’s identity and beauty straight at first sight. Therefore, since most of us probably 80% prefer braids, kinky, twist, dreads and other sorts of long hair, here are the tips of making it appear simple, attractive and shinning.

TIP 1: Learn how to style your long plaited hair in a way that will attract stares. Styling hair adds an advantage to your face. It gives you a much newer look than before and it is also a way of making your head breath but in different ways. It also helps compliment to your daily outfits. So ladies, this is a must dom with this, you’ll turn all the heads not just dudes.


TIP 2: For those who don’t like to plait their hair but prefer remaining with a natural look, it’s too plain to maintain your hair in one ‘uswazi style’. Apply other styles that can make you change your looks and appear different for example the pony-tail style. This is one easy style that you can make combing your hair easier, apply oil in it, combing it again, bringing it all together and then tying a puff holder on it or even some other comfortable design. For those who like to look simple, you can apply a longer porn tail after holding a puff that will make you look smarter.


TIP 3: For weaves and wigs, small is better than much thus crazy hair doesn’t normally make a lady look presentable. How? The more you put heaps of fake hair on your head, the easier you get to be recognized yet a lady has to be one sparkling diamond in the sea. Therefore, always keep it simple and attractive by using simple and small weaves, making sure it is washed at-least once a month and drying it to avoid bad smells. Bring in oil last to make it shining.


TIP 4: It’s fine to make your hair from home so long as you have what ever it takes such as strong but good hair chemicals, enough oils and conditioner among others. This way, you are responsible for your outcome and also you can do with it whatever you well please. Doing your hair alone can be risky but if you know what to do then why not.

TIP 5: The most important ingredient a person should know when it comes to keeping your hair neat is Oil. Oils are your friends. They protect and nourish your hair because sometimes our scalps just aren’t producing enough on their own to do the trick. When your hair is really dry (that damn winter heat) always coat it in Shea butter and leave it on for a few hours.

Finally, one shouldn’t forget that over stressing your hair by unplaiting and plaiting immediately without letting it rest isn’t healthy at all as it makes it break. So let it rest for like a week or two for proper aeration.