No more TEARS! 5 Ways to See You Through this Exam Period

The worst days of campus are already at hand and it seems like the earth’s rotation around the sun is at a frequency greater than that which Einstein had assumed. Nonetheless, we know this is all just fiction and the reality is that we are just experiencing a semester season.

Mahhhnn campus is hard and the examination period makes it more of a Gordian tent. However, enough with the sobbing, Campuslane knew moments like these would come and here are 10 ways to help you stomp this yard.

Sacrifice cannot be avoided, at one moment; you have got to believe that there is need for you to sacrifice that cozy-rosy bed of yours. You have got to expunge that time table that allows you sleep for twelve hours and reduce it to at least 6 then in those tight days 4 hours may not hurt. After all a SUPPLEMENTARY is way more hurting that just sleep left out.

Catch up. last semester, I read a post by the newly elected prime minister then that said, “Raise your hand if one night is enough to pass a course unit”. This is the best thing that campus offers that none of the earlier levels of education did. Don’t get quenched up by all those lectures you have missed, if one night can get you a 2.5, then a week could raise you to 4.0. The earlier you put this article to use, the better.

Have a fast of that bae or crush, they can un-intentionally mean to bring you down. If Newton did agree to the intensity and gravity of love, who are you to dis agree. You can never have that maximum concentration with that exquisite creature besides you. In fact I have seen friends go in hiding to get the tranquility that comes with this offer. Trust me it is worth it after all who will love a failure, think through this brother.

Befriend those geniuses. You know those guys who never miss a lecture even when they are sick. They could make the best of friends during this season.  Engage them in your banter, ask them out for lunch, do anything that will draw them closer to you. However, remember that these folks are focused so mind what you say around them. In any way, all you need is their brains and time for discussion, play your cards carefully.

Do not forget the Creator; engage him in all you do. Get down to your knees and pray. This does wonders, being spotted in is magic you would always yearn for. It also settles your mind and fine tunes you for the due session.

Last but not least do not forget to copy the time table. However much prepared you are, missing out on a paper because you thought it was in the afternoon or the following day is not a nice experience to jazz later on because even the forgeries that you were sick are hard to acquire.

By Claire N