#8 Shocking Things Parents Don’t Know About Their Campus Kids

1. Your daughter is babysitting a 20-year-old campus man in the room you pay for.

She isn’t just married; she is his caretaker, sponsor, maid, lover and plaything. Your daughter feeds him. Cleans his sweaty underwear, undresses him when he staggers at her door stiff drunk and washes her bed sheets when this boy throws up the cheap totpacks (probably Kitoko or Empire) and brandy on them.

She sponsors his shisha smoking sessions, pays for his drinks at night clubs, warms his bath water and turns the other cheek when he slaps her. Still, your daughter stays.

2. Your children are having more sex, than you’ll ever have.

When news of a fetus discarded in a bin at a local university hits headlines, you most certainly won’t suspect your daughter. Or think your good son fathered the fetus.

Truth is, your kids are having more sex than you’ll ever have in a lifetime. The pocket money you sent them is also spent on buying Postinor 2 pills, condoms lubricants and luring unsuspecting freshmen to bed by buying them pizza, alcohol and other goodies.
They carry out sexual acts that would make good old Lucifer blush in admiration. They do it in the bathrooms, washing rooms of night clubs even in groups during house parties.


3. He is a home breaker. A spanner boy who fixes and services sexually starved women.

It’s no longer news when a campo girl arrests the attention of a married man and steals him from the wife. Your sons are now home breakers. Thanks to his endowment and charm, your son is now a service or spanner boy to a group of sexually starved wives. So, if a usually unhappy Rotaract member spots that ‘glow’ on her face, thank your son for helping out your friend.

4. Your child might be struggling with the trauma of HIV and advancing AIDS.

An HIV/AIDS Baseline Sero-Study in Universities done in 2015 showed that HIV prevalence amongst university students stands at 35%. A good number of them are either as lectures, workers or students. Your child might be among them.
If your child seems disturbed, or an illness that visited him isn’t de-camping have him checked.

5. it’s not just whites that are depressed and go for therapy. Your child might be depressed, traumatized or recovering from trauma.

Perhaps her boyfriend beat her up or raped her. Maybe a girl he calls bae left her for a sponsor. Or those differences at home are gnawing at her heart resulting in depression.

Books and relationships are weighty. And your sulking or quiet child might not just be angry but depressed too.
Reach out to her before she slashes her wrists.

6. I’m certain you’ve heard of sponsors.

The little girl you doted on might be receiving cookies and giving out her cookie not to just to any sponsor but a sponsor of influence, say a minister, that MP you see on TV or a business tycoon in the city.
Be wary. Years ago, a number of campo girls linked to certain politicians lost their lives after a party. So tell me, how well do you know your daughter?

7. Next time you hurl stones at a bicycle thief, or a mugger, ask yourself if your soon to be a graduate child is a thief.

Campus students lose bras, tops, khaki trousers, laptops, phones and even towels in their hostels. What sort of graduate deals in petty crime when their peers are earning big and easy from sports betting?

Well, if your good child swaps mobile phones or laptops, and you know he can’t start or run a business leave alone manage his studies, know that he might be a pretty thief, stealing from his peers.

8. His weekends begin on Thursday. And end on Thursday.

There’s always a big party out of town, a rave where drinks and fornication are a glorified.

What you may not know is that your child, with other comrades hire vehicles to go get turnt up, that the money for a trip, medicine or food he asks for on a Wednesday finances his fuel for a hired vehicle, her Guarana, condoms and litters of cheap liquor.

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