HESLB releases list of Successful Loan “MIKOPO” applicants

Higher Education Students Loans Board has today released the first batch of successful applicants after the a series of analysis for the applicants 2017/2o18, 10,196 students first year candidates have successfully been granted these loans. Click here to get full list.  The Executive Director, HESLB Dr. Abdul-Razzaq at a media conference today, 18th October, proclaimed […]

Student meant to Graduate this week burned to death by Lover

A certain Bishop Stuart University student  Ms Natamba was meant to graduate this week before being burnt to death by lover; Eric. Residents of Katete cell in Mbarara Municipality woke up on Tuesday to cries for help from a young lady in her early twenties after her lover reportedly, locked the single room they were renting […]

Mzumbe University Selected Bachelor Degree Applicants 2017-2018

The candidates list attached below have been selected to join various undergraduate programmes at Mzumbe University (MU) in the academic year 2017/2018. Selected candidates are required to download an admission letter and invoice at http://aris.mzumbe.ac.tz:8080 by logging-in using the Form Four index number (Sxxx/xxx/year) as Username and your surname in small letters as Password. After logging-in, candidates will be able to download […]

University Selected Applicants 2017-2018 | Updated List!

The various list below entails various selections from various universities in Tanzania for the selected successful applicants. Click the University name below to get the full list of successful applicants. 1. BUGANDO UNIVERSITY.  Bachelor of Pharmacy  Doctor of Medicine BSc. Nursing 2. Muslim University of Morogoro 3. Sokoine University of Agriculture  4. Water Institute – […]

UDOM University Selection Bachelor Degree 2017 – 2018

The following applicants have been selected for admission into various degree courses at University of Dodoma. All applicants are required to observe the following. Report to the university on 28th October 2017 and attend the compulsory orientation programme starting on Monday 31st October. Admission letters and other instructions will be available in the accounts used […]

Tanzania Institute of Accountancy Selected Bachelor Degree Applicants for 2017/2018 Academic Year

Below is a list of selected applicants to join Tanzania Institute of Accountancy this academic year 2017-2018. Click the link below to view the full list. TIA Successful applicants.   View other selected applicants from various universities. Click here Share

UDSM Undergraduate Selected Applicants 2017-2018

THOSE APPLIED AT UDSM DURING FIRST ROUND : This is for applicants who applied During the first round Your are advised to log in to your UDSM admission account by using your account credentials 1. View the Masage for instructions 2. View the selection results 3. selected applicants at UDSM with multiple admissions ( Also […]

University Successful Applicants for Bachelor Degree Programmes 2017- 2018

The various list below entails various selections from various universities in Tanzania for the selected successful applicants. Click the University name below to get the full list of successful applicants. 1. BUGANDO UNIVERSITY.  Bachelor of Pharmacy  Doctor of Medicine BSc. Nursing 2. Muslim University of Morogoro 3. Sokoine University of Agriculture  4. Water Institute – […]

Ardhi University Degree Selected Applicants 2017- 2018

Below is a list of the successful candidates selected for degree programs for the year 2017- 2018. click the link below to see the full list. Admission_of_Selected_Students -2017-2018-FINAL click the link above to download the full list. Share

How to deal with lazy Classwork group members looking for a free ride

You are in a group with a member who contributes barely nothing.  He even doesn’t read  the final draft of the assignment that is submitted to the lecturer. He is one lazy person who is always looking for free rides. Professor gave us a group assignment and we decided do divided the task.  During the […]

PICTORIAL! Makerere University #Age Limit Riot through the lens

Kampala, Uganda. The ongoing Age limit saga in Uganda has really caught the eye of the world featuring spinning Michael Jacksons in parliament, The fights and wrangles pertaining the National Resistance Movement Party members in Parliament against the opposition members. Our colleagues in Makerere University also participated in demonstrations against the alleged bill to ammend […]

UDSM Open up on Reports – DARUSO President has failed EXAMS

University of Dar es Salaam Management have for now remained tight lipped about whether the current students’ president might graduate attaining to reports that former president ERASMI LEON has been discontinued due to failing his exams. Reports started circulating recently across social media that the president had failed his exams and was to be discontinued with […]

Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) to deal with Water Shortage problems

In the wake of poor supplies from boreholes due to unfavourable weather, the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) will soon embark on a massive water supply project. The pan African university, located at Tengeru near Arusha, is seeking Sh300 million to drill water from a recently identified source where surveys indicated […]

IFM student Arrested for lending Gun to Robbers

Third year student at the Institute of Finance Management, Robson Isack Maji, a Tabata Segerea resident has been arrested and detained by the police after being caught with a Beretta pistol with six bullets in the magazine. Robson has admitted to using to lending the pistol to robbers for a sum of money upon return of […]

East African Community to Harmonise tuition fees Next Year

University students across the East African region will, from January next year, begin paying the same amount of tuition fees, in the first step towards the actualisation of the newly created East African Common Higher Education Area. While the institutions may charge different amounts for different programs, students from any country in the region will […]

Tanzanian Rats to help Cambodia detect landmines

The training centre was established in 2000. Tthe training for sniffing rats is carried out by the Morogoro-based Sokoine University of Agriculture in collaboration with the Department of Biology at the University of Antwerp.

Tanzania’s Conjoined Twins Admitted into University

  Iringa — It was a dream come true for the conjoined twins Maria and Consolata as they made their first day at university Wednesday to pursue their goal of becoming teachers. They were grateful to their lecturers for the warm welcome accorded to them in addition to the suitable learning and living environment that […]

IFM Students design new App for Doctor, Patient Easy Consultation

Ms Kauthar Suleiman and her fellow students Jessica Serapion and Joan Hoja, all are third year students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the IFM have come up with an idea of using the Android Application for appointment between the patient and the doctor.

TCU stops new enrollments in 19 universities

The Tanzania Commission for Universities, or TCU, will not withdraw its decision to bar 19 universities, including three international institutions, from admitting new students for the 2017-18 academic year starting this September, owing to concerns over quality. The TCU Acting Executive Secretary Eliuther Mwangeni told University World News the ban was still in place and none of […]

Gents watch out for these Campus ladies

We all love flaunting style and class this goes to all Campus ladies we know you want that high class life. But wait a minute, Dnt get it twisted that Love aint a beautiful thing the Koko master D’banj sang the tune. To what extent campus ladies are willing to go has got me questioning…  […]

Extreme definition of a Campus Guy that’s a “scrub”

A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me. So lemme give you something to think about. Girls don’t want no scrubs. In a clique of cool kids, there is always this one guy that thinks he is fly and got it all but no, he just sits on his broke ass […]

Typical gossip topics in an all-Girl crew

I wouldn’t say the female species loves to talk, it’s like saying humans love to eat. Speaking is part of a human’s cycle. However I will say this, girls need to talk. Nothing like a pow out with the girls to Drake’s music and the tea on everything. Guys have always been intimidated by a […]

Dealing with an Annoying Neighbour at Hostel.

We all have to deal with an annoying neighbour at hostel sometimes. There is that guy that thinks he has the coolest music so he increases the volume of his hoofer to the maximum all the while playing Darassa’s “Muziki”. Then there is the babe that pretends to know the lyrics to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape […]

IFM under a threat,students robbed and killed.

PETER TYMAAS Of recent,there has been a habit of unknown people robbing,hurting and killing IFM students.This has occured twice this week.The first incident was observed on 13/03/2017 when one student named Hamis Twaha was attacked and stabbed by the neck in the Kigamboni area.He has left bleeding to death by assailants. After two days,on 15/03/2017 […]

HESLB: Loan Recovery drives up Collections

HESLB’s Executive Director Abdul-Razaq Badru told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday that the board’s trend of collection has significantly improved following the fresh move in pinning down the loan beneficiaries. Mr Badru, speaking in a telephone interview, said that when the campaign started last July, the monthly collection was 3.8bn/- but the amount has since soared […]

Controversial Miss NIT.

The Mabibo based institute yesterday shook the entire campus community when the crowned Miss NIT received all sorts of jibes from the NIT community. Many students were cited claiming that she was not a campus student,while those that knew her claimed the commitee could probably have made a mistake.Not only that,others went ahead claiming she […]

Universities Shocked with TCU’s Declaration of Unqualified Students

DAYS after the Commission for Universities in the country (TCU) announcing the names of students of more than 8,436 higher education unqualified to continue at the same level of education, some of the heads of universities  vehemently disagree upon the commission to say, that the commission is not the only body that vetted these students; […]

“NO! We do not admit RETARDS,” University of Dar es Salaam

One day after the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) announce the complexity of the admission of students to universities, major stakeholders of education, have come out against such a step. These stakeholders include the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM). In the aftermath of Tanzania’s Commission for Universities, University of Dar es Salaam has declined […]

TCU declares 8357 students unworthy of University status

In a wake of strong and critic supervision and investigation into the various universities across Tanzania, Tanzania Commision for Universities has left 8,357 students with no school rather University to attend come next Semester. TCU inspected and investigated 52 campuses and the outcry has left many a student with no explanation as to how they […]

8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Professor

Your GPA, while important, is not your biggest selling point in the professional world. That shiny new degree won’t mean much unless you know how to communicate well with your colleagues and superiors. That’s why it’s important to think of college as your training ground for the real world—a place where you can hone your […]

How to balance your budget at Campus

“The poor campus student” is less of a stereotype and more of a reality for many students. Others receive money and spend it carelessly, causing them to be penniless as quickly as they received the money. Here are a few tips on balancing your college budget. 1. Protect Your Information photo credit: tweaktown.com Living on […]

Become a Boss while in Campus

Are you in campus still hunting money? Are you that broke that you cant even sponsor a dinner date? Well worry not! the cavalry has set in. Here are some business tips to pull you out of the deep waters. Between classes and doing tons of homework,  students find it difficult to find a job. […]

VIDEO: !University of Dar es Salaaam ranked best university in East Africa

According to the latest University rankings in the world, The prestigious university once again brings honour to the state as it rankings rise up to 6th place in Africa and no. 1 in East and Central Africa with University of Capetown, South Africa topping the list as the best university in Africa.  watch the video […]

Heri Muziki grabs a sugar mummy.

The rising-to-stardom Heri Muziki of the famous Cheche hitsong recently shook airwaves that left many awed.Heri Muziki’s alleged lover,a one Loveness Diva,reknowned presenter on Clouds FM recently shocked the world when she posted a romantic video with Heri Muziki.They were all lovedovey in a car and decided to show the world the lust they had […]

Kenyan Student allegedly reveals She has infected many with HIV, Fear grips Varsity

A student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) recently found herself in the limelight after screenshots emerged of a conversation she had with a woman whose husband she was allegedly sleeping with. According to the screenshots seen by The Nairobian, the student identified as Lucia is a student at JKUAT. In […]

SHOCKING! Accused of sleeping with 40 men to gain Votes!

Uganda. Girls will never cease to amaze you when they get pissed at each other. January is hot and we have not yet settled in the new year fully but the campus drama is not about to stop. Yesterday, a Kyambogo student went bonkers when she lost her cool and accused a fellow student and […]

NIT Lecturer arrested in Hotel demanding sex from Female Student

Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), a body mandated to fight graft in Tanzania, has arrested an assistant lecturer namely Samsoni Mhimbo, 66, for demanding sex from a female student in exchange for good marks for her supplementary test. The anti-graft agency had set up a trap, where they’d told the student to lure […]

DARUSO splits further.

Another sad news has arisen from the ailing Dar es Salaam University Students Organisation. Recently on the 13th ,former State Minister in charge of Sports and Acting Minister in charge of Student Loans,Hon Hamis Abeid recently declared his decision to resign from DARUSO. He cited family and economic issues to contribute greatly to his resignation. […]

TRAGEDY! Tumaini University Student robbed and cut with PANGAS!

WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT This past week has been a tragedy for one of our dear elite campusers, Queen Nazil who was attacked beaten and cut with pangas on the head by robbers. The incident is said to have happened in the wee hours of the night. It’s terrible! Queen Nazil a third year Law Student […]

Video: HESLB to print out faces of Loan Defaulters 

Speaking to the press yesterday, the HESLB Executive Director, Mr Abdul-Razaq Badru pin pointed that having printed out the list of these defaulters, “wadaiwa sugu” , the Board will now move forward and print out the photographs of these people. He has urged the public to report these people when seen on sight to the […]

Prof. Ndalichako stops (asitisha) further Government recruitment for Humanities (Arts) Teachers

Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Professor Joyce Ndalichako, has issued new terms of employment of teachers in the country, saying the government shall recruit teachers of the humanities (arts) that are available. Speaking in Dodoma yesterday while opening the annual general meeting of Heads of Secondary Schools Tanzania (TAHOSSA), Professor Ndalichako, said the […]

Discontinued UDOM Strike Leader re-admitted to Complete his Studies

High Court in Dodoma has rescinded the decision of the Council of the University of Dodoma (Udom) to dismiss scholar Phillip Mwakibinga and ordered to be returned to finish his studies. The decision was made yesterday by the Deputy Registrar of the Supreme Court, John Chaba on behalf of Mohamed Awadhi, the judge who was hearing the […]

New teachers for Science and Mathematics teachers to be vetted under tight scrutiny

TEACHERS Science who are to be employed by the government, will have to send their certificates before being sent out to their arranged work stations. That is part of the change in procedure aimed at strengthening employment for qualified teaching of Science and Mathematics Teaching. The statement issued by the Minister of Education, Science, Technology […]

Makerere University student demands an apology from Coca Cola over the “Hey Brother” advert.

We have all seen the recent advertisement for coca cola. We have also seen the resulting parodies about this particular advert on our social media. A second year law student at Makerere, Ivan Twinoweitu who doubles as a teacher at Gayaza High School recently made his issue with the advert known when he wrote to […]

Man sues Oxford University for £1million because he didn’t get a first class.

Faiz Siddiqui claims he would have had a successful career as an international commercial lawyer if he’d achieved better than the 2:1 in modern history he got at the university 16 years ago. The claimant pointed to ‘negligent’ teaching and a shortage of tutors at Brasenose College in his final year as one of the reasons […]

DIPLOMA and CERTIFICATE graduates to stop putting on Graduation GOWNS!!!!

What!! Shocked right! Following the recent directive from the Ministry of Education and Technology, Tanzania Institute of Accounting has proclaimed that Certificate and Diploma Graduates are not allowed to wear Graduation Gowns. “Since it is your right to participate in The 14th graduation ceremony, you are kindly requested to attend withtout wearing graduation gowns.” As […]

Transferred students from St Joseph University to UDOM to repeat a year!

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology asked the students of St. Joseph who were transferred at the University of Dodoma repeatedly in what was discovered that they did not have the skills and knowledge as per required levels. The ministry also said that those who boycotted the decision will be required to return to their […]

CORRUPTION! DARUSO Public Accounting Committee files a case against the Finance ministry for FUNDS MISUSE

In what appears to be a series of uncovering alleged corruption, poor leadership principles and alleged office mismanagement, the lane brings you untapped and exclusive news about the scandalous  DARUSO SAGA. As og yesteday after the resignation turmoil, the organ’s finance and government accounting committee represented by its secretary, Mr Matata Juma filed a motion […]