Typical gossip topics in an all-Girl crew

I wouldn’t say the female species loves to talk, it’s like saying humans love to eat. Speaking is part of a human’s cycle. However I will say this, girls need to talk. Nothing like a pow out with the girls to Drake’s music and the tea on everything. Guys have always been intimidated by a […]

Kenyan Student allegedly reveals She has infected many with HIV, Fear grips Varsity

A student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) recently found herself in the limelight after screenshots emerged of a conversation she had with a woman whose husband she was allegedly sleeping with. According to the screenshots seen by The Nairobian, the student identified as Lucia is a student at JKUAT. In […]

SHOCKING! Accused of sleeping with 40 men to gain Votes!

Uganda. Girls will never cease to amaze you when they get pissed at each other. January is hot and we have not yet settled in the new year fully but the campus drama is not about to stop. Yesterday, a Kyambogo student went bonkers when she lost her cool and accused a fellow student and […]

DARUSO splits further.

Another sad news has arisen from the ailing Dar es Salaam University Students Organisation. Recently on the 13th ,former State Minister in charge of Sports and Acting Minister in charge of Student Loans,Hon Hamis Abeid recently declared his decision to resign from DARUSO. He cited family and economic issues to contribute greatly to his resignation. […]

Shocking! Allegedly caught “making-out” at Campus Parking yard

Gossip reaching the lane has it that two souls  Alex and Alice (not real names) on the night of 6th November, 2016 were stunned by a passing by auxilliary police at University of Dar es salaam on his daily security routine. It is believed he was quizzed by a car that appeared to be parked […]

South African universities to offer Bsc Witchcraft.

The South African Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande has announced plans to have witchcraft included in the curriculum from 2018. Speaking to representatives from student unions around the country, the minister announced the shocking move and urged future university entrees to consider taking Witchcraft. “There is a lot we can learn from […]

Meet the 5 sexiest Campus ladies

Who run the world? (girls) We bring you the hottest chics that are currently driving the campus dudes berserk. All we need is you to grab a cup of hot coffee and marvel. 5. Lumbi Sabini. She is a 2nd year student of Business Administration at Tumaini University,Dar es Salaam. Her baby face accentuated with […]

First year’s Romeo and Juliet..!

Well, most of you might not know their names, but have surely met Nancy and Kevin on campus. Nancy and Kevin are first year students at University of Dar es Salaam offering Bachelor of Arts in Economics.  These two B.A.Economics students are evidence that true love really exists as opposed to many people’s mentality. These […]

Sucrey….the moneybags…!

Elisha a.k.a Sucrey is one lad to whom money is like how we view leaves on trees.His a.k.a Sucrey was borrowed from sucre,the French word for sugar.  This guy’s money truly brings sweetness to life just like what sugar does to tea.He always endeavours his presence is felt when he hits different joints. He buys drinks for whoever calls out his […]

St Maria Goretti: the school with it all !!!

Research has provided research has conquered! News from a close source reaching the lane has it that various secondary schools that bring in students particularly girls,  into the university world, the following are the far most outstanding girls across the campus abode. The rumour wing has it that girls from St Maria Gorretti Secondary  in […]

Snura’s CHURA leaves UDSM dudes begging for more.

On the way to the lecture, the talk of town ”Snura’s CHURA” couldn’t elude my ears as a bevy of moderately hot chics…(thats after a marathon of make-up) dressed in revealing attire, long enough to cover the cover the subject matter
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Rainy tales; #15-04-2016

Friday! Why? Such is the day known as FURAHI DAY for the many when the weekend starts to linger across the minds of the many campusers; where to turnup? who to go out with? for the girls..what guy is taking me out today? for the guys…checking out their wallets to see what his account holds […]

The Cock’s Comb: THE UDBS lads’ haircut!

  Passing by across a bevy of hot chics, something couldn’t elude my attention. It actually brought me to a halt and I matched back generously, tail coiled in between my legs like a dog in surrender of its Alpha. Since I am a UDBS (University of Dar es Salaam Business School) chap, inquisitive and […]