Mzumbe University Selected Bachelor Degree Applicants 2017-2018

The candidates list attached below have been selected to join various undergraduate programmes at Mzumbe University (MU) in the academic year 2017/2018. Selected candidates are required to download an admission letter and invoice at by logging-in using the Form Four index number (Sxxx/xxx/year) as Username and your surname in small letters as Password. After logging-in, candidates will be able to download […]

University Selected Applicants 2017-2018 | Updated List!

The various list below entails various selections from various universities in Tanzania for the selected successful applicants. Click the University name below to get the full list of successful applicants. 1. BUGANDO UNIVERSITY.  Bachelor of Pharmacy  Doctor of Medicine BSc. Nursing 2. Muslim University of Morogoro 3. Sokoine University of Agriculture  4. Water Institute – […]

UDOM University Selection Bachelor Degree 2017 – 2018

The following applicants have been selected for admission into various degree courses at University of Dodoma. All applicants are required to observe the following. Report to the university on 28th October 2017 and attend the compulsory orientation programme starting on Monday 31st October. Admission letters and other instructions will be available in the accounts used […]

Tanzania Institute of Accountancy Selected Bachelor Degree Applicants for 2017/2018 Academic Year

Below is a list of selected applicants to join Tanzania Institute of Accountancy this academic year 2017-2018. Click the link below to view the full list. TIA Successful applicants.   View other selected applicants from various universities. Click here Share

UDSM Undergraduate Selected Applicants 2017-2018

THOSE APPLIED AT UDSM DURING FIRST ROUND : This is for applicants who applied During the first round Your are advised to log in to your UDSM admission account by using your account credentials 1. View the Masage for instructions 2. View the selection results 3. selected applicants at UDSM with multiple admissions ( Also […]

University Successful Applicants for Bachelor Degree Programmes 2017- 2018

The various list below entails various selections from various universities in Tanzania for the selected successful applicants. Click the University name below to get the full list of successful applicants. 1. BUGANDO UNIVERSITY.  Bachelor of Pharmacy  Doctor of Medicine BSc. Nursing 2. Muslim University of Morogoro 3. Sokoine University of Agriculture  4. Water Institute – […]

Ardhi University Degree Selected Applicants 2017- 2018

Below is a list of the successful candidates selected for degree programs for the year 2017- 2018. click the link below to see the full list. Admission_of_Selected_Students -2017-2018-FINAL click the link above to download the full list. Share

How to deal with lazy Classwork group members looking for a free ride

You are in a group with a member who contributes barely nothing.  He even doesn’t read  the final draft of the assignment that is submitted to the lecturer. He is one lazy person who is always looking for free rides. Professor gave us a group assignment and we decided do divided the task.  During the […]

East African Community to Harmonise tuition fees Next Year

University students across the East African region will, from January next year, begin paying the same amount of tuition fees, in the first step towards the actualisation of the newly created East African Common Higher Education Area. While the institutions may charge different amounts for different programs, students from any country in the region will […]

HESLB: Loan Recovery drives up Collections

HESLB’s Executive Director Abdul-Razaq Badru told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday that the board’s trend of collection has significantly improved following the fresh move in pinning down the loan beneficiaries. Mr Badru, speaking in a telephone interview, said that when the campaign started last July, the monthly collection was 3.8bn/- but the amount has since soared […]

TCU declares 8357 students unworthy of University status

In a wake of strong and critic supervision and investigation into the various universities across Tanzania, Tanzania Commision for Universities has left 8,357 students with no school rather University to attend come next Semester. TCU inspected and investigated 52 campuses and the outcry has left many a student with no explanation as to how they […]

8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Professor

Your GPA, while important, is not your biggest selling point in the professional world. That shiny new degree won’t mean much unless you know how to communicate well with your colleagues and superiors. That’s why it’s important to think of college as your training ground for the real world—a place where you can hone your […]

Prof. Ndalichako stops (asitisha) further Government recruitment for Humanities (Arts) Teachers

Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Professor Joyce Ndalichako, has issued new terms of employment of teachers in the country, saying the government shall recruit teachers of the humanities (arts) that are available. Speaking in Dodoma yesterday while opening the annual general meeting of Heads of Secondary Schools Tanzania (TAHOSSA), Professor Ndalichako, said the […]

New teachers for Science and Mathematics teachers to be vetted under tight scrutiny

TEACHERS Science who are to be employed by the government, will have to send their certificates before being sent out to their arranged work stations. That is part of the change in procedure aimed at strengthening employment for qualified teaching of Science and Mathematics Teaching. The statement issued by the Minister of Education, Science, Technology […]

DIPLOMA and CERTIFICATE graduates to stop putting on Graduation GOWNS!!!!

What!! Shocked right! Following the recent directive from the Ministry of Education and Technology, Tanzania Institute of Accounting has proclaimed that Certificate and Diploma Graduates are not allowed to wear Graduation Gowns. “Since it is your right to participate in The 14th graduation ceremony, you are kindly requested to attend withtout wearing graduation gowns.” As […]

Transferred students from St Joseph University to UDOM to repeat a year!

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology asked the students of St. Joseph who were transferred at the University of Dodoma repeatedly in what was discovered that they did not have the skills and knowledge as per required levels. The ministry also said that those who boycotted the decision will be required to return to their […]

HESLB Updates: Loans Awarded wrongfully to be taken back

HESLB or the loans board has come up with the final say on the wrongfully awarded beneficiaries of the loan. Eng Abdu Badru the Executive Director of the board has acclaimed the fact that years before loans were awarded according to successful students in the Division One and Two category regardless of their financial ability. […]

HESLB updates on Loans “mikopo”

Following the current wait of loans from the HESLB board, yesterday the offices were bombarded by journalists and studentd from Muhimbili University of Allied Sciences upon queries on the prolonged delay and ongoing actions being undertaken.  The Executive Director of the Board answered these queries. He said the Board had already released two batches of […]

University of Dar es Salaam Celebrating 55th Anniversary of Existence, 24th-25th October 2016

The prestigious Campus first opened its doors to students on 25th October,1961. It is therefore with great pride that we acknowledge the 55th anniversary of this might community. The UDSM 55th anniversary celebrations preparations were launched on 30th March, 2016 which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS). […]

“All Universities should open on the same Date,” President Magufuli

Following the current wave of delay in loan allotment and unfair distribution of loans to the first year scholars, His Excellency Dr Magufuli had the following to say. Upon inauguration of the University of Dar es Salaam New accomodation facilities, the president took time to address the students about the   MIKOPO  issue. Stressing out […]

“HESLB to award Loans by use of Previous means,” Prof. Ndalichako

Speaking on the daily news broadcast airing on TBC 1 yesterday, the minister incharge of education Prof. Joyce Ndalichako in her own words, said that the loans are awarded according to the need of the students. The means testing way of alloting loans to the students main aim was good in that it determines whether […]

DARUSO tells Freshers not to sign against their loan allocations

University of Dar es salaam students organisation along with TAHILISHO, marched to the Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Students Loans Board to discuss the unfair distribution of loans to the first year students in various universities. Speaking to MagicFM the president of DARUSO  Mr Erasmus Leon, the media that  students were allocated minimal amounts for […]

Higher Education Students Loans Board ammends criteria for Loan Issuance

The government through the Student Loans Board of Higher Education, has been lending students who qualify to join tertiary colleges in financing their studies. In the discharge of this responsibility, the Government prepares Qualifications and Credit Issuance criteria each year to conform to the stated goals and objectives of the national plans and strategies as […]

Higher Education Loans Board (HESLB) releases First Allocation Lot of successful Applicants

HESLB (Bodi ya Mikopo) has released the first batch of successful applicants of the loans that applied this year. Please check below if you are among, if not, there is always a second batch coming out very soon. Click here to check the full list. For more information visit Share

Prof. Ndalichako discontinues University Students for Child Abuse!

Earlier on, a video of a student being bartered by intern students undertaking education at various universities surfaced on social media especially on WhatsApp. The student has been identified as Sebastian Chinguku of senior three at Mbeya Secondary School. The student was beaten harshly by three education interns identified as Frank Msigwa and John Deo […]

HESLB calls Loan Applicants to correct Necessary Information

During the exercise of processing2016/2017 loan application forms, the Board has come across loan applications which are missing some vital information such as applicant’s and guarantor’s signatures. For that reason, the Board would like to inform loan applicants with such incompleteness to visit HESLB offices in Dar es Salaam. Loan applicants and/or their guarantors who have […]

Ardhi University 2016/17 Admission List!

Candidates whose names appear below have been selected for admission into various undergraduate degree programmes at Ardhi University (ARU) for the 2016/2017 academic year. In accordance with  ARU Students Admission Regulation No. 3 and ARU Students By-Laws Section 3.2, payment of prescribed fees is a condition for registration to pursue studies at the University. No […]

University of Dar es Salaam releases 2016/17 Admission list !!

The moment you have all been waiting for is here ! The following applicants have been selected to join various Undergraduate degree programmes for the 2016/2017 academic year. The selected applicants should report at the Mwl. J.K. Nyerere Mlimani Campus on Saturday 8th October 2016 for the orientation week which will start on Monday 10th […]

Universities that have released their 2016/17 Admission lists!

The following Universities have released their admission lists, for the applicants year 2016/17 who applied this year. the following universities release their first batch of successful applicants. University of Dodoma, UDOM click here Institute of Finance Management,IFM click here Marian University, click here  College of Business Education CBE click here  Tumaini University Mbeya Campus click […]

University Lecturer arrested for abusing President Magufuli

The number of people arrested on suspicion of kumkashfu President John Magufuli through social networks have been rife after police arrest a lecturer at the University College of Education of dictionaries (Muce), Dr. Oscar Magava (48). Dr. Magava has become one of the ten arrested by police in the military campaign to control cybercrime under […]

HESLB shall NOT give new applicants loans after Passed Deadline!

Higher Education Students Loans Board  (HESLB), has said it will not lend to new applicants who applied after the Commission for Universities (TCU) changed the application requirements. Last week, TCU announced the application requirements without explaining the reasons for doing so. Assistant Director of Information, Education and Communication HESLB, Cosmas Mwaisobwa, the commission said it […]

Institute of Finance Management IFM 2016/17 Admission List OUT!

The following applicants have been selected to join various bachelor degree programmes for the academic year 2016/2017. Admission documents can be collected from Friday 23rd September, 2016 between 10.00am – 4.00pm week days, at the institute’s admission office located in Block D. For those with emails please download your admission documents via emails sent to […]

IFM List of Selected Candidates to Pursue Various Certificate and Diploma Programmes for 2016/2017

The following candidates have been selected to join various Certificate and Diploma Programmes offered by the Institute of Finance Management for the 2016/2017 academic year Click here to see selected applicants Share

Call for second round RE-APPLICATION FOR ALL Undergraduate Applicants

TCU hereby informs Form six applicants and applicants with foreign certificates for 2016/2017 admission into various higher education institutions that the first round of selection has been completed and will be released to the public after the admission process has been completed. However, in the first round of selection some applicants with relevant qualifications could […]

TCU Revised Decision on Minimum Admission Entry Qualifications for Diploma Holders

The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) through the earlier public notice issued on 11th July, 2016 notified the General Public and all Prospective applicants for admission into various undergraduate degree programmes of the Government’s decision to change the Procedures, Requirements and Minimum Admission Entry Qualifications for Undergraduate Students for all categories of applicants. According to […]

Do you need university sponsorship? Mo Dewji Foundation is here for you.

MoDewji foundation run by the multi billionaire Mohammed Dewji of Mohammed Enterprises Limited Group of Companies has offered ten schorlarships to the best ten applicants that will be chosen to join the prestigious campus come next semester. This comes as a boast in today’s ailing education woes and to show support to the president’s cause […]

Students required to confirm their loans’ information

The following are the students required to confirm their loans’ information in the various universities. University Of Dodoma Click Here Sokoine University of Agriculture Click here RUCU Click here ATC Click here MAKUMIRA Click here MUM Click here IAA-ARUSHA Click here ST JOHNS Click here MUCE Click here UOI Click here TEKU Click here MU […]

175 Vocational Institutes in the country given notice of degradation , 5 institutes deregistered and closed

The National Council for Technical Education ( NACTE ) has announced deregistration of five technical institutes. They have been closed and deleted from the register of vocational education. Also  the Council has announced that 41 colleges offering technical education without being registered in accordance with the law are given two weeks and required to register […]

Dr. Jakaya Kikwete lectures at Waseda University Tokyo Japan

Former President Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete has given a lecture today in Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan following the invitation of the Institute of the Association of African Economy and Development (AFRECO) of Japan. The lecture was about the relationship between Japan and South towards the peak of the sixth meeting of the Tokyo International […]

University Entry Requirements for Form Six students

The admission of applicants with Form Six qualifications into higher education institutions will be done through Central Admission System and will involve the following categories: Form Six applicants who completed their Form Four Secondary Education from the year 1988 onwards; Applicants with Foreign Certificates who completed their secondary education through different education systems; Applicants with […]

How to apply using Central Admission System (CAS) for University

Instructions on How to Apply Using the Central Admission System (CAS) a) Introduction Three groups of applicants can apply for admission into Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Colleges) as follows: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applicants Form Six Leavers who sat for NECTA Examinations Form Six Leavers who sat for Examinations of Other Foreign Examining […]

382 out of the 7805 discontinued students retained at University of Dodoma

382 Campusers out of the 7805 who were pursuing the special Diploma in Education at the UDOM varsity in Dodoma have been brought back to campus after being evaluated and rendered fit for continuation. Other 52 students who got division four have been rendered unfit and shall not continue with studies. The minister of Education, […]

How to apply for Higher education Students’ Loan

For those who have recently completed their advanced level studies and those in campus who want mikopo, Today, 27th June, 2016  the higher education students loans board (HESLB) announced the start of receival of loan applications for interested students. The deadline for application is 31st July,2016. Please share this information with a friend. What is […]

HESLB first priority courses that are guaranteed loans

The following are the first priority choices that are guaranteed loans when applied for. This does not however indicate that courses not listed are not viable for loans. All courses have a possibilty of getting loans but the following are the courses that are allocated loans first. PRIORITY COURSES Priority Courses Cluster 1 Applicants admitted […]

HESLB Guidelines and Criteria for the issuance of Loans (mkopo) 2016-17

The Higher Education Students Loans Board has a set a date for the start of application of loans starting from 27th June to 31st July next month. This comes after a series of waiting and inquiries by the excited senior vacists to start applying for loans in order to join the respective Universities. The guidelines […]

F6 Graduates Career Expo 2016.

This is not something to miss for the F6 vacists since the date for when the Higher Education Students Loans Board (HESLB) will open its gates for loan applications will be communicated.The event will also involve training from the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) and  HESLB officers. Some of the main speakers expected to grace […]