Celebrating the Day of the Girl Child – Mwanamke na Uongozi

Wednesday, 11th October is the day the world celebrated the girl child. The gender inequality that has persisted over the ages back to the traditional society where many a girl has been denied rights to education, an opinion, subjected to female genital mutilation and the ostracism unmentioned yet experienced. Global Economic goal no. 5 says […]

How to Manage your Budget in Campus: The ultimate Students money Spending Guide

Budgeting is an important part of a student’s life. As a student, you need to be smart and responsible when it comes to managing your finances. Here are the dos and don’ts of managing your budget. Have limits on your spending’s Limit the amount you spend daily, weekly or even monthly. This will in turn […]

Get a Side Hustle, Being broke in Campus isn’t Funny

This is a featured story from Kenya. Enjoy! There’s a story I like telling about my first year in campus. I was so broke this one weekend I had just KSh20 in my pockets. I called my Dad and he said he had no money. I called my Mum and she barked: “Call your father.” […]

How to tackle Aptitude Tests and Get That Job

If you’re anything like me, once you’d completed your last exam at university, the first thing you did was thank your lucky stars you’d never have to sit another test again in your life. Well, bad news – aptitude and psychometric tests are increasingly common when it comes to getting a job nowadays, especially for […]

These simple Business ideas ought to make you good money at Campus

Often times campus students have failed to actually realize the many business opportunities that are in there reach which they could possibly and make a fortune out of. Before you make a fuss and blame the government  for  the rampant unemployment , take some time and research, see what’s existing and how best you could […]

Why the Youth should be Venturing into Agriculture

Ever wondered why socialites like Masanja, media houses like Clouds Media are breathing life into Agriculture? Clouds Media is now running a campaign #FURSA 2017 with a motto #AnziaSokoni  literally meaning start from the market.  Many of us out there actually know that Tanzania’s back bone is agriculture. Numbers show that there is over 80 […]

Income Opportunities Finalists can tap into as they await Graduation

Many finalists are clearly roaming the streets, stuck at home growing fat, watching TV morning til late night, a lucky few have already secured a job in an auditing firm, maybe an engineering company but nonetheless 80% have their bodies stuck at home.  A lot of students think that the only time to have a […]

Hidden facts why the less Educated are more Successful than Graduates

Education is very important, Actually it is the most important thing in people’s lives but it does not make the educated invisible. Let’s make one point clear that there is a huge difference between being uneducated and  being arrogant. Education equips people with Skills not common sense and understanding. Though Education gives people more expertise, […]

5 Bongo celebs whose degrees don’t pay ther bills.

5.Nickson Simon Makini. Commonly refered to as Nikk Wa Pili, he’s a member of the musical group known as Weusi.Nickson obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the University of Dar es Salaam.He later advanced to Masters’ and is currently pursuing his PhD studies at the same university.He confessed to not needing employment as music […]

How to balance your budget at Campus

“The poor campus student” is less of a stereotype and more of a reality for many students. Others receive money and spend it carelessly, causing them to be penniless as quickly as they received the money. Here are a few tips on balancing your college budget. 1. Protect Your Information photo credit: tweaktown.com Living on […]

Become a Boss while in Campus

Are you in campus still hunting money? Are you that broke that you cant even sponsor a dinner date? Well worry not! the cavalry has set in. Here are some business tips to pull you out of the deep waters. Between classes and doing tons of homework,  students find it difficult to find a job. […]

Four Things Millard Ayo did in his “Twenties”

Many youth today sit back and admire the accomplishments of the many celebrities we have in Tanzania for instance, Diamond Platnumz an inspiration to many upcoming artists, Jokate Mwegelo the Kidoti brand socialite or in our career story today, Millard Ayo, the media guru. Many do not know what these people went through to achieve […]

How Do I Know if a Degree, Diploma or Certificate Is Right for Me?

There are many choices out there, and it can be difficult to know which option is right for you. The program that will work best for you will depend on many personal factors. You’ll want to consider: How much time do you have to complete classes? What are your goals as far as program completion? […]

JOB INTERVIEW! Ten tips on preparing for an interview

School leavers can improve their chances of securing a job straight out of school if they prepare for their job interview, says careers counsellor Kevin Nelson. Mr Nelson, who advises students at the Australian Science and Mathematics School, says there are five key things job hunters should do and five actions they must avoid to […]

CAREER TIPS! 10 tips for Job interview Success

Job search techniques change, the labour market changes and job descriptions change. But what more or less stays the same is the job interview. It’s your chance to sell yourself. The first 30 seconds of a job interview are the most important – so if you want to be a cut above the rest you […]

10 tips to help students become more employable

One of the main reasons given by students for going to university is to get a good job afterwards, but with around 500,000 people graduating each year the job market is extremely competitive. A university course will help you develop some of the skills that employers are looking for, but you need more than a […]


There is extremely high competition in the employment world it is important to have extra skills that will give you an edge over others. Communication Listening, verbal and written. By far, this is the one skill that employers are very keen on.  Being an exceptional communicator who is able to effectively convey information will make […]

Software Developers and Programmers Needed!

Are you well versed with software development, computer programming? Are you that entrepreneurial brain with belief in your abilities to develop that software that is quite inescapable by the human eye? ARE YOU? The first qualification rule is that no qualifications are required.. it is just you and your brain. We do not need to […]