Eat that Frog every Morning! – Steven Genya

The hustle and grind is quite the hard rock to lay a foundation. Steven Genya, despite all the hard toil of today’s world refuses to simply be ordinary. Steven has already worked with Vanessa Mdee, Rebecca Gyumi, Monalisa and many more as their photographer, created content for the big screen, produced shows, now at EFM radio as a presenter. […]

Chips zege, NO! Naepuka kitambi – Miss Ardhi 2017/18

Many ladies are fighting against growing that belly, the lane caught up with Miss Ardhi 2017/18 Ms. Gladys John Mkangama, a model with Black Fox Models, to give us an insight of her trendy lifestyle. Gladys Mkangama is a 3rd year student at Ardhi University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Property and Facilities Management.  Hey Gladys, […]

UDSM Vice President urges Youth to fight prostitution 

On air with Campusbuzz at Choice Fm 102.5 fm.. Madam Vice president Shamira Mshangama talks about the current trend on poverty and other issues the youth are facing in today’s generation. She speaks against prostitution and requests us to fight against it. Its not the only way out.. listen to the full interview below. Share


  In a university you will never miss anything new, and especially new talents. I met Allen a student at the University of Dar es Salaam taking pictures of students at the campus compounds. He shares a link to his instagram account which I check later on. For a photographer you will see that his […]

Four Things Millard Ayo did in his “Twenties”

Many youth today sit back and admire the accomplishments of the many celebrities we have in Tanzania for instance, Diamond Platnumz an inspiration to many upcoming artists, Jokate Mwegelo the Kidoti brand socialite or in our career story today, Millard Ayo, the media guru. Many do not know what these people went through to achieve […]

Why I am furious with Coca Cola Advert! Makerere student speaks out

Ivan Joram Twinoweitu recently made his opinion about the latest Coca cola advert known. He wanted an apology from Coca cola for an advert which he says promotes bullying. Speaking to Campusbee, the soft-spoken man with a bright smile had this to say; Who is Ivan Twinoweitu? My name is Ivan Twinoweitu, Joram is my […]

Rahel Joseph Mahende: Earning Great Sums in the Soap Industry

From being an MPESA agent to owning a Company of your own is truly a feat to achieve, Rahel Joseph, today is the founder and managing director at Ecopro  company that deals with production and supply of eco-friendly and bio degradable liquid soap. The lane had a talk with her, sincerely! How did she do […]

Miss TTCL Higher Learning,Laura Kway.

The Miss TTCL Higher Learning event was a recently concluded beauty pegeant carried out at the King Solomon Hall on 16th of September.Under the major sponsorship of Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL),the contest was aimed at getting the Khaleesi among Tanzania’s higher learning institutions. Fairly and luclky,Laura Kway emerged the victor.She is a student at […]

Victoria Mndeme TZA: getting to know the vibrant persona

At such a tender age she manages to rub shoulders with the great Millard Ayo, I wonder how she does that. Just joining her second year at the Hill, University of Dar es Salaam, Victoria TZA as her media acronym suggests is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television studies at Mlimani. Getting […]

One on One with Clouds Tv’ Siz Kitaa’s Casto Dickson

A busy week must end with an entertaining one on one. Treading along the silent gradlane, one familiar figure cuts across, Ayayaya! This is not an opportunity to misuse. Hey! Are you Casto Dickson from the famous Siz Kitaa on CloudsTv? Without awaiting his response, the interview started right away… (Tip: Get to know who […]

BillNass : Get to know the other side of the Chafu Pozi artist

Is your Tuesday that boring? Well worry not the lane promised and it has delivered. Whitney on her daily escapades brings you, William Nicholas, BillNass. The fame behind the great hit Chafu Pozi hitting +255 airwaves and television. BillNass, a third year student at College of Business Education Dar es Salaam met up with our […]

Mimi Mvrs: meet the media queen

The lane is just starting to make your weekends better and greater as we head into the start of the week…well the lane is linking you to Mimi Mvrs, Marianne Mdee the young one to the famous Vanessa Mdee. Enjoy !! Who is Mimi Mvrs? Tell us a little more about yourself in five words. […]

Boniface Tembo: A Word with the outgoing IFM Prime Minister

The lane on its daily escapades across the grad lane, we manage to stumble upon the outgoing Prime Minister of IFM. Meet Joseph Boniface Tembo Makingi, born in 1991 in Mwanza Region. A humble, energetic, hardworking, a leader, adviser, public speaker, God-fearing and down to earth,  the outgoing Prime Minister of the Student Government at […]

Whitney Bocco: the beauty behind Vijana 101

Everyday she sits behind the cameras interviewing people. Well today you get to meet the beauty from within. Meet Whitney the lady behind Vijana101 that airs on TV1. Ey ! Whitney, tell us a little about yourself. Well am simply Whitney Richard Bocco, last born out of 4 kids. I was born on 20th April. […]

Wakonta Mapunda; a Talented but Paralysed Screenwriter who needs your help

All of us are born lucky with God’s grace but along the way shortcomings arise and most of us curse the day these shortcomings arose. Yesterday along the lane’s journey across social media, I was touched by a soul who really is a KIPEPEO. Wakonta Mapunda a young girl, 24 years of age, who is […]

Interview with former Mr University Tanzania,Matukio Chuma.

  Tell us a little about yourself and your background. My name is Matukio-Amani OleAfrika Aranyande M Chuma. Born a Tanzanian, an East African and proudly son of the land named Africa.  I have a background in International relations, law and journalism. Have had experience inside and outside of my country, serving and playing my […]

Aneth David; A Talk with the Next Einstein Forum Ambassador

Who is Aneth David? Briefly describe yourself in five words Ambitious, determined young scientist and entrepreneur. What is your educational background? Primary education at Rau primary school secondary school Mawenzi secondary school, High school at Machame and Majengo high schools, where I studied CBN combination (Chemistry, Biology and Nutrition). Bachelor Degree – BSc. Molecular Biology and […]

Earning shs24 million monthly while at Campus! Meet SirJeff Denis

While many guys are thinking of bedding the hottest chic in their campus, cruising their fathers’ rides at campus, and yes leaving a Hollywood lifestyle in University, Sirjeff Denis,  a third year student offering Petroleum Chemistry at University of Dar es Salaam is earning big monthly yet he keeps a low profile and modest lifestyle. […]

Mshangama Shamira: A word with the Vice-President

When we talk about female leadership, we explore all that is fruitful on the topside, ignoring the way how these seeds were sowed. The roots of leadership were once held firm to a nursery before being uprooted and transplanted to a garden where fruits have been harvested. This week, the lane made it its objective […]