Why you are looking Funny with make up

Make-up; cosmetics and other substances applied to the skin to improve it’s appearance. The truest term to define the phenomenon. Makeup is like clothes, it’s been around forever. The Great Gatsby times embraced it, Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lip still burns in our minds and Naomi Campbell’s natural glow makeup still lives on. However I […]

The right way to slay the ripped asymmetric cut jeans

Well we are all used to jeans as campusers because they are the most comfortable and easy-to-wear ensemble you can come up with. You can wear a Billie tee, camo shirt, oversized shirts and many others that I can’t really exhaust. Well these ripped asymmetric cut jeans are the bomb especially if they’re high waist […]

#Campus Hustler! Meet UDSM’s Aisha, an Exceptional Make-Up Artist

Nobody needed to inspire and persuade her into pursuing a career as a make-up stylist  on top of her campus obligations, she had it all planned out right from her childhood, it was her realistic dream she had to pursue. Making-up had always been her passion and once she landed on the opportunity; Aisha grabbed […]

How to rock the Peacock-colored-skater-skirt

Do any of you love peacocks? no? yes?…I hope it is a yes because today I’m going to give you campus girls the reason to love them and your boys to love you too. This skirt has all those colors and you’ll love, meaning you’ll love yourself more. Eventually, the other party (I mean the […]

The 2017 Abryanz Style and Fashion Award nominations are officially open

The biggest fashion event in Africa, the 2017 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAS) are officially welcoming your bids for nomination in the available categories for the awards. Get busy and nominate yourself or any fashion influencer you believe deserves to be recognized. The ASFAS have been happening since 2013 and continue to grow bigger. […]

Fashion! Nailing that Androgynous Look!

Possibly wondering what androgyny might mean, well it simply is a touch of both the male and female look fused into one. This type of fashion is the kind where a lady rocks that BoyFriend tshirt and coat. The mocassins and leather strapped belts.. manly like look on a lady. Heard of Ellen Degeneres? The […]

My Style! Lillian Lema takes us through her wardrobe!

To many, she is the cute lady, a host of the famous online love talk show giving many a run in their relationships with the wise talk, amassing a load of social network followers; no need for further introduction, Lillian Lema. Lillian caught up with one of our writers; Phocus and had these tips to […]

Unveiling Fresh Model from Institute of Finance Management 

Juggling books with a modelling career might seem a hard nut to crack, Judith John begs to differ. Pursuing a career in runway modelling and a degree in Insurance and Risk Management at IFM is an easy task for Judith.  The stunning beauty has raised a few eye brows in the fashion industry with many modelling agencies […]

SHOCKER! These fashion accessories describe every Campus guy

Ladies by the end of this article, you will know what type of guy you are dating. I know what you’re thinking, what–no. Understanding men can’t really just come down to the fashion accessories they are obsessed with… can it? Doesn’t sound true but it is, take the time to read and actually think about it, […]

Campus girls, the threaded bob braids are way beyond past stale

Honey, the ship has sailed. Quit trying to swim towards it, it don’t want you no more. Move on to the other ships on the shore. Weaves, that’s something we never complain about, why? It literally looks like your hair. We can’t be mad if you do it over and over again but the threaded […]


You wake up and start getting ready and BOOM !you have nothing to wear …! Seriously? Okay not only do you have more than 200 clothes, you have 20 handbags and more shoes than the number of your fingers … But why have you nothing to wear and are probably still buying clothes everyday . […]

How To: Step-by-Step Contour & Highlight

Contouring and highlighting is undoubtedly the most strategic part of every makeup routine because of the flawless sculpted definition it provides the face when done correctly. Contouring makes certain features appear smaller, while highlighting emphasizes your most desirable features. Both processes balance each other, which is why they are a force to be reckoned with […]

#Damn! You need to SAVE that HAIRLINE

Many ladies are looking sorts out of place recently. Many have resorted to wigs and weaves to hide the nightmare they are facing on their foreheads. Many claim it’s their nature. Come on girl! Wake up! Stop lying to us all, we know your extended forehead is the aftermath of hair loss. Step aside; the […]

How to keep Your Weave on Fleek on a Campus Budget

When coming to Campus you’ll learn everything you do will be on a campus budget. Your appearance will become harder to keep up as the years go along (if it doesn’t become less important) and you will want to spend your money on more important things. Buying new bundles and constantly getting sew-ins every three months […]

Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2016

Official list of the winners at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2016 To all those individuals that have been part of this journey, right from the beginning of this year, the entire ASFA team that includes the model managers, the casting managers, the pre and post production crew, backstage crew members, thank you all. […]

How to make your own facial mask at no cost!

This is for the ladies… na na na na! When we talk about facials, one can imagine an expensive spa and all sorts of ‘chemicals’ or concoctions on faces. Many myths float around facials but how can you experience one by yourself without breaking your bank. As much as the secret to a great facial […]

BODY TYPES! The Elephant in the room

The evolution of fashion has always brought hits and misses everywhere. We all have that one outfit in the closet that gathers dust as well as those that enjoy quality time with my bodies a lot more. It is no secret that the essence of good fashion is confidence and as much as the idea […]

STYLE! Hairstyles you should be into by now

Getting the right hair-do can seem to be exhausting especially if you are seeing different styles at the same time. I would advise you to go for styles you’re used to but taking risks is part of life. Step out of your bob braids comfort and opt for a spectacular weave. Here are some of […]

5 tips on having smooth,attractive and shining hair.

Hair is one thing that pulls out a campus lady’s identity and beauty straight at first sight. Therefore, since most of us probably 80% prefer braids, kinky, twist, dreads and other sorts of long hair, here are the tips of making it appear simple, attractive and shinning. TIP 1: Learn how to style your long plaited hair […]

Quick fashion tips for campus dudes

Men with style are great because they have a sense of self confidence. You don’t necessarily have to look like David Beckham but you need to have something on that will make you stand out and the ladies find you more attractive. Your style is a way for you to speak without actually having to […]

2016 BET Awards Best Dressed

The BET Awards came along with lots of amazing fun stuff, the performances of our lives, appearances of our fabulous celebrities, fashion trends and styles, without forgetting our best part…the red carpet. Queen Bey and Kendrick Lamar stole the show, without forgetting the brilliant and touching speech of Jesse Williams, that got him a standing […]

#fashion World: The Rocking Accessories

Accessories are for adding some edge on our outfits to spice it all up, these could be the mini belts,  clutches, handbag, jewelry and so many others, but today we focus on jewelry. This is a collection of stuff we wear on our bodies to spice our looks earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and rings. There […]

The 2016 Top Five a must shoes for the ladies

There is a lot of shoes from many designers every year, the sandals, the high heels, boots, pumps and a lot more to mention but a few but of course some will top the list of the most worn shoes by many people, trend setters, fashion icons not to forget our lovely celebrities. So let’s […]

BRAS Zone in: Get that smart chest look!

BRAS ZONE IN Bras though being  the smallest pieces of clothes they  are very important to every woman’s life and it’s a must have, can’t live or do without one and everything could go into shambles about one’s outfit if you got it all wrong about the bra. So pay attention today is your day […]

My Trend with the African Print

African prints clothes have made headlines from year to year as the become more popular to the fashion world all over the world, we have seen Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez to mention but a few top celebrities rocking them, its most definately the in thing now, tops, pants, dresses, skirts and th likes and […]

Walk with that 2016 handbag!

Bags have been trending year after year, fashion designers have been trying to keep up with the times twisting the twists just to go with the flow, age, and times for they surely change. Today in the fashion corner we are bringing you types of bags and occasions and how to rock them. CLUTCHES Clutches […]

Trending Hairstyles 2016

2016 is yet another controversial year, lots of styles and colors to match, that’s all about everything, bags, clothes, hair, shoes name it, and it’s all about sense of color and style. Today in our fashion corner though we will be looking at hair….the styles and the colors that to might have received slots of […]

Lifestyle: Old Skool Vs New School !

Funny how old medieval times are much preferred to current  times, the hustle to find love wasn’t all that a fairytale to the ladies but quite an opportunity to the gents. The spending less, the dressing exact, the dates less and yes ofcourse the beauty more natural. With the current trend right now approaching a […]

The 12 Trendiest Sneakers You Ought to wear !!

Best Mens Sneakers 2016 On Trend – Top Spring Tennis & Running Shoes …because if you’re not running, you don’t technically need a running shoe. So up your sneaker game for spring 2016 with some of our favorite sneakers for guys this season. All are great to pair with your favorite jeans on your way to happy […]

The 18 Best Shoes for Men to Kick Off 2016!

18 Best Mens Shoes 2016 – Top Spring Formal & Dress Shoes for Men …because let’s face it, it’s time for a complete shoe upgrade. Sure we’d all love to putz around in our favorite pair of sneakers or flip flops for that matter, but sometimes we have to put on our adult hat and, in turn, […]