Campus Rides! Pedal Talk with Allan Job

Sometimes its not about what you are driving in campus but rather how it makes you feel while driving it around campus environment ! This is Allan Job a second year soon to be third year student at UDSM who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Campuslane had time to hook up with him […]

Campus Rides! Wheelin’ with Lisa Frank

Who said owning a car in campus can only be managed by boys…well here is a girl who decided to prove this notion wrong by giving us an insight to her ride in campus ! This is Lisa Frank Mwafongo a second year soon to be third year student at Ustawi who is pursuing a […]

True Picture of a Single Father’s life at Campus

In most campus cases, it is the woman who is denounced by her man whenever she ignores to take those Emergency pills and another life is created. What happens when it is the woman who bails out on her man and their unborn baby?

How to deal with lazy Classwork group members looking for a free ride

You are in a group with a member who contributes barely nothing.  He even doesn’t read  the final draft of the assignment that is submitted to the lecturer. He is one lazy person who is always looking for free rides. Professor gave us a group assignment and we decided do divided the task.  During the […]

Pros and Cons of dating a classmate

 You will hear whispers of the girl talk everywhere, “I cannot date a class mate.”  Others faulting two desk mates for being smitten, swearing to each other how they would go the grave for the other. The only thing killing man and woman; these days is love. Adam and Eve. Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra and […]

Weird campus guy habits I will never understand as a girl

If for the life of me have never grasped the rationalisation that men use to go about their day. Even the smartest, most powerful and extremely good looking guys do the weirdest stuff. That’s something I wouldn’t say resonates with women, we girls be different, honestly, you can generalize the entirety that is men and […]

15 Things To Do in Bed that aren’t SEX

With the current rise of unwanted pregnancies, unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases and the like, here are 15 things one can do with her partner and avoid such mistakes. Keeping your dignity intact might seem the only way out. Play it safe!  1. Cuddle. This can be done pre-sex, post-sex, or even instead of sex. […]

IFM Students design new App for Doctor, Patient Easy Consultation

Ms Kauthar Suleiman and her fellow students Jessica Serapion and Joan Hoja, all are third year students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the IFM have come up with an idea of using the Android Application for appointment between the patient and the doctor.

Why Drug Abuse is Difficult to Curb in Campus

Starting life in campus produces some natural social anxiety for many students.The temptation to drink is strong because many University students overwhelmingly find that alcohol makes socializing easier and also because drinking is often socially acceptable, recognizing what a person drink can be difficult and tend to use other means that cannot be recognized. Alcohol […]

Eating Pork might cause Epilepsy – Sokoine University

In Tanzania the pork is popular in various areas of enjoyment and has many titles, such as vile mkuu wa meza, kiti moto and many more. However, scientific research from the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) has revealed that pork consumers are at risk of contracting diseases such as epilepsy due to the existing worm cyst […]

How to Handle a Jealous Campus Girlfriend

A jealous girlfriend is like a walk in a path of hot coals. It’s damaging and hectic. It’s just like voting a wrong politician. The ultimate question should always be how to handle a jealous one. Which is what we want to answer today. Bear in mind that just like bacteria, jealous is a necessary […]

How to make it Work with a cute but dumb Boyfriend

You know the type? Extremely attractive but can’t strike a chord with all the dumb stuff. You will slowly find his conversations shallow, and he is way too slow it’s embarrassing. I personally can’t fathom guys that have no humor. He never gets the joke and always takes the sarcasm literal; like dude what happened […]

Eat that Frog every Morning! – Steven Genya

The hustle and grind is quite the hard rock to lay a foundation. Steven Genya, despite all the hard toil of today’s world refuses to simply be ordinary. Steven has already worked with Vanessa Mdee, Rebecca Gyumi, Monalisa and many more as their photographer, created content for the big screen, produced shows, now at EFM radio as a presenter. […]

Why end of Campus means marriage for most Girls

There has always been a belief and pressure mounted onto girls if they get past a certain age before getting married. Over the years the girl child has had to conform to the dictates of the society about certain issues and it explains exactly why some girls rush into marriage immediately after campus. At this […]

These simple Business ideas ought to make you good money at Campus

Often times campus students have failed to actually realize the many business opportunities that are in there reach which they could possibly and make a fortune out of. Before you make a fuss and blame the government  for  the rampant unemployment , take some time and research, see what’s existing and how best you could […]

No strings attached will Always mean Strings attached for Campus Girls

The contents of this article are not new to you guys, you fully understand this side to a woman. You however choose to listen to your other head, knowing fully well it has no brain cells. Women are complicated, campus girls even way worse, they haven’t established themselves as women yet so they are all […]

Chips zege, NO! Naepuka kitambi – Miss Ardhi 2017/18

Many ladies are fighting against growing that belly, the lane caught up with Miss Ardhi 2017/18 Ms. Gladys John Mkangama, a model with Black Fox Models, to give us an insight of her trendy lifestyle. Gladys Mkangama is a 3rd year student at Ardhi University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Property and Facilities Management.  Hey Gladys, […]

Five Characteristics of Campus Slay Queens

The phenomenon of the “slay queen” has been much discussed in social media circles. A slay queen is basically a diva, mostly from urban locations, that has reason to believe she is every man’s eye candy and the envy of every other woman. She believes that women of her kind are superior and should thus be treated […]

Gents watch out for these Campus ladies

We all love flaunting style and class this goes to all Campus ladies we know you want that high class life. But wait a minute, Dnt get it twisted that Love aint a beautiful thing the Koko master D’banj sang the tune. To what extent campus ladies are willing to go has got me questioning…  […]

Extreme definition of a Campus Guy that’s a “scrub”

A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me. So lemme give you something to think about. Girls don’t want no scrubs. In a clique of cool kids, there is always this one guy that thinks he is fly and got it all but no, he just sits on his broke ass […]

Sound Tactics that will bail you out of Campus Brokeness

Running broke “KUISHIWA” is not your fault because you have needs and you need to spend that money but staying broke for a long time is definitely your fault. You should not allow this to happen most especially if you have a sharp mind. There are many things campusers do that bring in quick money […]

Why going to the bar with your girlfriend isn’t the Smartest idea

Clubbing is a custom engraved in the hearts of most campusers. University students can afford to miss major meals in a week, in the name of saving for drinks on Friday night #Elements. This is utterly okay because well, who doesn’t wanna have fun? But I’m here to warn you that it’s a bad idea […]

A guide to drinking: The perfect drink for each occasion

Everyone has a favourite drink but with so many choices out there , it can still be hard to choose the right liquor. Options can be overwhelming and you might end up making the grave mistake of ordering something you will regret. To avoid the shame it comes with, here is a guide on what […]

Classic excuses Campus guys use to get a chic out of bed after a hook-up

It usually happens in a flash. One second you are tipsy and horny in a club seated next to a nice looking girl (well, due to the circumstances, all girls look good) and the next thing it’s morning and some random chic is in your bed. How do you get her out of that bed […]

Dealing with an Annoying Neighbour at Hostel.

We all have to deal with an annoying neighbour at hostel sometimes. There is that guy that thinks he has the coolest music so he increases the volume of his hoofer to the maximum all the while playing Darassa’s “Muziki”. Then there is the babe that pretends to know the lyrics to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape […]

Why your Campus Date isn’t texting for a 2nd date

Modernization has taken its stance on campus dating. It’s nolonger the usual meet me after class, catch you at hostel or let’s sit  together in campus gardens. The evolution of Dates is making the whole Love game an interesting one. Commonly termed as “Outings” by some, they bring out the best and real side of […]

Five ways to Vibe a Hot Campus Chic in a DalaDala

The good thing about our current generation is that you can meet a special someone anywhere. You really have no excuse to be lonely or to have lengthy dry spells. ​Since most of us board daladalas almost daily, knowing how to pick up a hot chic amidst wild stares from other passengers can be a super […]

Feminine Habits Campus Dudes Should Stop

Dear Campus chaps, don’t let your twisted ideas make you feel awesome about pulling off feminine behaviors and lifestyle. Whether you grew up with only girls in your family, somebody had to remind you about your gender and live a real man’s life. There are a couple of habits taken over by most campus dudes […]

Third year girls, the Cycle, Party animals turned Wife material

Third-year girls are quite shape shifters. They are like wolves in sheepskin. They’re the proverbial milk in a golden jar, milk likely laced with poison. I know a target worker when I see one. Flashback first year. Do you remember back in the day when you were a naive fresher straight from an upcountry school […]

How to tell if that Campus Babe is Wife Material

Of late, there has been a lot of outcry from us men about the dwindling moral levels of the modern lady. The truth is, campus ladies can’t get ratchet without the ever present male audience. Ratchet chics believe that men are fond of their ‘mask’ lifestyles. There is some truth to this but only to […]

Common Pranks Tanzanian Campusers use to Get Money from Parents

Today lying to parents just siphon money out of them is turning out to be the order of the day. Campus being a place of events to attend and activities to do has forced so many students to either exaggerate in the required amounts or come up with their own bills and above all, the […]

EXPOSED: How “Pimps” connect Campus girls to Sugar daddies

​By Louise Mwesiga Twitter: @sweetluiz It’s a Friday night, and all you can see are expensive nice cars parked outside the girls’ halls and hostel; being driven by mature men, with girls excitedly walking down the steps looking stunning ready for the night to be awesome. All I can think is WOW! Surely living the […]

Single before Settling: Learning Your Worth

Do you ever feel apologetic for falling for someone who doesn’t feel the same about you? Maybe they’ve given you all the benefits you’d thought you’d receive if you were in a committed relationship. After a few months of dating, you finally muster up the courage to ask him questions like “so what are we?” […]

Why “chuo” girls choose not to wear bras.

Inspite of all the benefits of wearing a bra, more and more Campusers are jumping on this latest boob [nipple] display trend. No matter one’s size of breasts, these young women got a lot of reasons not to wear bras. More Socially Acceptable It’s a natural feeling for young women to feel trendy and not […]

4 reasons Law School Makes You Undateable! or may be not?

Hearsay and rumour that it is difficult to date an aspiring lawyer in college ought to be or not to be true. All I have heard are whispers that these learned colleagues of ours are hard nuts to crack. Well I was in a dilemma which led me deep into digging, thats when luckily I […]

#Damn! You need to SAVE that HAIRLINE

Many ladies are looking sorts out of place recently. Many have resorted to wigs and weaves to hide the nightmare they are facing on their foreheads. Many claim it’s their nature. Come on girl! Wake up! Stop lying to us all, we know your extended forehead is the aftermath of hair loss. Step aside; the […]

How to keep Your Weave on Fleek on a Campus Budget

When coming to Campus you’ll learn everything you do will be on a campus budget. Your appearance will become harder to keep up as the years go along (if it doesn’t become less important) and you will want to spend your money on more important things. Buying new bundles and constantly getting sew-ins every three months […]

Valentine’s Day: Expectations VS Reality!

It is that time of the year when Campus gets all cosy and romantic, for those still doing papers, all the best at least yo wont encounter the nightmare of being single on this day. If you are single, then you are safe. BUT, if you are in a relationship, there are two things involved; […]

Everything I want to say to a single girl at Campus

You certainly do have the most fun. You’re young, you’re free and your intense libido has never picked the right time to be at its peak. Okay yes, the girl with the handsome caring boy seems to have it all on Valentine’s day and her birthdays but your life isn’t that bad either. Let me […]

UDSM Vice President urges Youth to fight prostitution 

On air with Campusbuzz at Choice Fm 102.5 fm.. Madam Vice president Shamira Mshangama talks about the current trend on poverty and other issues the youth are facing in today’s generation. She speaks against prostitution and requests us to fight against it. Its not the only way out.. listen to the full interview below. Share


  In a university you will never miss anything new, and especially new talents. I met Allen a student at the University of Dar es Salaam taking pictures of students at the campus compounds. He shares a link to his instagram account which I check later on. For a photographer you will see that his […]

5 ways to get your guy to open up

The communication breakdown between the sexes can often be summed up like this: You like to talk about your feelings; he doesn’t. It’s not his fault. “Boys are taught to be less emotionally open than girls,” says Ronald Levant, a professor of psychology at the University of Akron. “They are socialized by their peers and […]


Good Day loves, Its actually Night here , i am confident enough to stay this late because its a HOLIDAY tomorrow, Okay now we all know and see people especially in social media who talk about body goals and i ask myself , Are body goals the goal or rather health goals. Because having a […]

Four Things Millard Ayo did in his “Twenties”

Many youth today sit back and admire the accomplishments of the many celebrities we have in Tanzania for instance, Diamond Platnumz an inspiration to many upcoming artists, Jokate Mwegelo the Kidoti brand socialite or in our career story today, Millard Ayo, the media guru. Many do not know what these people went through to achieve […]

What every Campus Guy hates about their girlfriend

Love is a special thing, or at least that’s what you feel and think in the honeymoon stage of the relationship. This girl is hella pretty, exceptionally smart and rocks our world. This is up until the reality of falling for a campus girl kicks in. It’s hard to deal with the female species dudes, […]

Why I am furious with Coca Cola Advert! Makerere student speaks out

Ivan Joram Twinoweitu recently made his opinion about the latest Coca cola advert known. He wanted an apology from Coca cola for an advert which he says promotes bullying. Speaking to Campusbee, the soft-spoken man with a bright smile had this to say; Who is Ivan Twinoweitu? My name is Ivan Twinoweitu, Joram is my […]

Here are the most popular drinks on campus.

Booze and college are synonymous and you cannot pretend not to have encountered this during your college life. Alcohol is unquestionably popular here. Whether you drink or not you should at least know that for campus students, there’s always a type of drink that is popular in most cases because it’s easily available and affordable. […]

Top 10 dating tips for any Guy

​Dating can be a tricky business! What should you wear? Where should you meet? How much should you say? Who should pay? How soon after your date should you call? There are endless questions that can spin around your head before, during and after a date, which is why, we’ve compiled a list of some […]

Things Every Campuser Must Do Before Leaving The University

Being in the university is a beautiful time. You learn so much about yourself and you meet amazing people. However, if you plan those four (or six) years carefully, you could benefit even more than you thought possible. If you’re still an undergrad, do these 18 things before you leave school, your future self will […]