Pros and Cons of dating a classmate

 You will hear whispers of the girl talk everywhere, “I cannot date a class mate.”  Others faulting two desk mates for being smitten, swearing to each other how they would go the grave for the other. The only thing killing man and woman; these days is love. Adam and Eve. Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra and […]

15 Things To Do in Bed that aren’t SEX

With the current rise of unwanted pregnancies, unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases and the like, here are 15 things one can do with her partner and avoid such mistakes. Keeping your dignity intact might seem the only way out. Play it safe!  1. Cuddle. This can be done pre-sex, post-sex, or even instead of sex. […]

How to Handle a Jealous Campus Girlfriend

A jealous girlfriend is like a walk in a path of hot coals. It’s damaging and hectic. It’s just like voting a wrong politician. The ultimate question should always be how to handle a jealous one. Which is what we want to answer today. Bear in mind that just like bacteria, jealous is a necessary […]

How to make it Work with a cute but dumb Boyfriend

You know the type? Extremely attractive but can’t strike a chord with all the dumb stuff. You will slowly find his conversations shallow, and he is way too slow it’s embarrassing. I personally can’t fathom guys that have no humor. He never gets the joke and always takes the sarcasm literal; like dude what happened […]

No strings attached will Always mean Strings attached for Campus Girls

The contents of this article are not new to you guys, you fully understand this side to a woman. You however choose to listen to your other head, knowing fully well it has no brain cells. Women are complicated, campus girls even way worse, they haven’t established themselves as women yet so they are all […]

Why going to the bar with your girlfriend isn’t the Smartest idea

Clubbing is a custom engraved in the hearts of most campusers. University students can afford to miss major meals in a week, in the name of saving for drinks on Friday night #Elements. This is utterly okay because well, who doesn’t wanna have fun? But I’m here to warn you that it’s a bad idea […]

Why your Campus Date isn’t texting for a 2nd date

Modernization has taken its stance on campus dating. It’s nolonger the usual meet me after class, catch you at hostel or let’s sit  together in campus gardens. The evolution of Dates is making the whole Love game an interesting one. Commonly termed as “Outings” by some, they bring out the best and real side of […]

How to tell if that Campus Babe is Wife Material

Of late, there has been a lot of outcry from us men about the dwindling moral levels of the modern lady. The truth is, campus ladies can’t get ratchet without the ever present male audience. Ratchet chics believe that men are fond of their ‘mask’ lifestyles. There is some truth to this but only to […]

Single before Settling: Learning Your Worth

Do you ever feel apologetic for falling for someone who doesn’t feel the same about you? Maybe they’ve given you all the benefits you’d thought you’d receive if you were in a committed relationship. After a few months of dating, you finally muster up the courage to ask him questions like “so what are we?” […]

Valentine’s Day: Expectations VS Reality!

It is that time of the year when Campus gets all cosy and romantic, for those still doing papers, all the best at least yo wont encounter the nightmare of being single on this day. If you are single, then you are safe. BUT, if you are in a relationship, there are two things involved; […]

Everything I want to say to a single girl at Campus

You certainly do have the most fun. You’re young, you’re free and your intense libido has never picked the right time to be at its peak. Okay yes, the girl with the handsome caring boy seems to have it all on Valentine’s day and her birthdays but your life isn’t that bad either. Let me […]

5 ways to get your guy to open up

The communication breakdown between the sexes can often be summed up like this: You like to talk about your feelings; he doesn’t. It’s not his fault. “Boys are taught to be less emotionally open than girls,” says Ronald Levant, a professor of psychology at the University of Akron. “They are socialized by their peers and […]

What every Campus Guy hates about their girlfriend

Love is a special thing, or at least that’s what you feel and think in the honeymoon stage of the relationship. This girl is hella pretty, exceptionally smart and rocks our world. This is up until the reality of falling for a campus girl kicks in. It’s hard to deal with the female species dudes, […]

Top 10 dating tips for any Guy

​Dating can be a tricky business! What should you wear? Where should you meet? How much should you say? Who should pay? How soon after your date should you call? There are endless questions that can spin around your head before, during and after a date, which is why, we’ve compiled a list of some […]

DATING! Eight signs he’s not a cheater

Being cheated on is the worst. You feel rejected but also pissed. You don’t know who you can trust. Well, scientific studies have narrowed down some traits that are statistically more common in guys who cheat, so here are some signs (not confirmation, obviously) that your guy will never stray. 1. You bring home the […]

10 tell-tale signs your guy is not in it for the long run

The first few days/weeks/months of a relationship are a chance for you to get to know each other and do the classic flirting over WhatsApp, spending hours choosing what to wear and wondering when your next date is. But, sometimes the person you’re dating might not be as excited about you as you feel about […]

My girlfriend has another guy but she claims she still loves me!

I am Frankie a student and I have a girlfriend who has another guy. But, she keeps emphasizing that she still loves me too regardless of the fact that there is another guy in the picture. She says that she loves us both. She tells me that her heart is much weighed on the other […]

YES! The 14 best things about having a boyfriend

1. There will always be someone to like your selfies. You can now post freely without fear of Zero Likes. 2. He can not reply to your text and you won’t go into a panic attack shame spiral wondering if he’s ghosting. You can say “he’s probably just busy” and know for a fact that yes, that […]

PROBLEM! I think my boyfriend is homeless and just using me for my bed

I am Racheal from Kampala University, and I am Kenyan although I study in Tanzania. I have been in a relationship with my Ugandan boyfriend for one and a half years now but what baffles me is that he never goes home. He is not very nice to me sometimes and when I threaten to […]

6 things you should never change about yourself for a partner

There’s one thing we should all aim for when looking for love: Finding a partner who accepts and loves us just as we are. Settling for anything less than that will set you up for heartbreak. Below, marriage therapists and other experts share six things you should never feel compelled to change for your partner. […]

12 signs your friend might have a crush on you

Maybe you’ve had your suspicions for a while, or maybe it JUST hit you that your friendship isn’t just friendly — but when you realize that your friend has a crush on you, everything changes. This could be the moment everything becomes awkward, or it could be the moment you two morph into the greatest couple […]

Rude awakening; she’s just not that into you

I think anything more pathetic than a desperate girl is a desperate boy, I don’t know why but girls can get off with pathetic pleading over a boy, but boys go from hot to loser. What? Of course men have feelings but don’t blame me, socialization is the core reason for this mentality, you’re not […]

Campus Guys, your chic will never leave if You Do This

​There are two ways to guarantee a healthy relationship. By healthy, I mean the girl is in love with you and there is no threat of her leaving; you have all the leverage you need to assure yourself peace of mind. Meet your soulmate If you are extremely lucky enough to cross paths with your soulmate this is the easiest […]

TIPS! How to read Body Language: 5 signs He is attracted to You!

Being in love is great as long as you are the one who pulls the strings. To make sure that this is so you got to be sure that you read him as an open book, and to help you get going we have prepared 5 useful tips on how to read body language. Are […]

11 Dating Mistakes Campus Girls Continue Making

We can all relate to having pulled the wrong number at one point in our lives. Here are dating mistakes that most if not every campus girl continues to make; 1. Having one type LOL! what’s with campo chics and dating only one type of guy? “Oh I only date guys from this and that tribe or guys […]


Every single girl knows the B-word. It probably rolls off the tongue as easily as rain drops falling from the sky. As easy as identifying a horny guy by all the sex and or sex-oriented jokes he makes, a single girl is identified by her affinity for saying the B-word. Bae! It is probably not […]

Campus Guys: 10 Signs That You’ve Been Friendzoned

The friend zone, the one place guys and girls will kill not be.  But sometimes you just can’t help it, funny enough, most people in the friend zone don’t have a clue whether they’re there or not. 1. When you decide to go out on a date, she invites her friends to join in As […]

Steps on how to keep your relationship longlasting

It doesn’t matter how wealthy, beautiful or even handsome you are but what gives credit is for how long can you keep your relationship alive? Here are some steps on how to keep your relationship long lasting while at campus. Communication This is one of the most neglected attributes in a relationship and thus the cause […]

5 worst mistakes you can make when texting someone you fancy – without even realising

We all love a bit of text analysis, and these five errors are definitely to be avoided. Have you ever received a text from someone you fancy which was so ambiguous, so annoyingly unclear you yearned for the days when love letters and serenading were the done thing? Us too. For something that’s meant to […]

Why that Campus Girl isn’t marrying you!

Yea! You heard that right, there are reasons why that campus chic you are so in love with won’t marry you. She will just be there cooking her escape plan or enjoying it while it lasts. From the beginning of the relationship she already mentioned that she wanted to give the relationship a trial, simply […]


Dating your campus-mate is an absolutely personal choice but it can be the creepiest thing ever on earth! It is not utterly necessary to have one. It depends on personalities but truth be said you don’t need your campus boyfriend if you have one and you should quickly break up with him. And these are […]


You have enough reason to run for your dear life brother if your girlfriend has some of the characteristics here. Screenlock Of course we all want privacy especially when it comes to phones. In all honesty, there is no solid reason including the cliché ‘privacy’ excuse as to why you should have a lock on […]

Campus Dating Tips #01

The dating world can be a bewildering place. Here are some tips to help you navigate the perilous waters of love: Ladies: Your date’s salary divided by your own equals the base you should let him get to on the first date.If you are overweight and socially awkward, consider “online dating.” You can go on […]

#datingTales: Having a jealous girlfriend

Alex has been complaining of his jealous girlfriend for quite a while now. He says whenever his phone is placed down, the first thing his girlfriend does is to go through his call log, whatsapp messages and all his social media accounts’ inboxes “kufukunyua” this habit has pissed Alex and on one occasion, alaine(not real […]

#dating Tales: a promise to my next lover

To whoever loves me next, I am here to to tell you this. It takes me time to fall in love but once I am there, I am all there, I am all yours. Once I am attached, its not by strings, its by cement and steel and its unbreakable, so make sure you’re ready […]

IFM’s Power Couple: Meshack & Irene

Meet Meshack and Irene  the power couple from the Institute of Finance and Management. The classy couple; Meshack pursuing a bachelors in Computer Science and Irene, a bachelor of Accounting student are the compassionate, lovely and caring couple from IFM. These business gents and ladies last night, news reaching the lane has it that students […]


What do you know about real love? Where have you seen it? Did you prove that it is real? People believe there is true love somewhere, that there is a person who is really worth their heart, who deserves to hold them in their heart and their hands.Stop finding things that are already yours, you […]

#Memorylane: late night thoughts!

Some nights I feel lonely, craddling up my sheets in the cold; completely alone. Its like the whole world has drained me of everything and everyone I have. I wish I could confide in someone but no one feels right. These nights, the most unbearable yet the longest. People say crying out loud would make […]

Lifestyle: Old Skool Vs New School !

Funny how old medieval times are much preferred to current  times, the hustle to find love wasn’t all that a fairytale to the ladies but quite an opportunity to the gents. The spending less, the dressing exact, the dates less and yes ofcourse the beauty more natural. With the current trend right now approaching a […]