PICS! SHOCKING as Freshers report with iron sheets to University!!

Eeh! Eeh! Nigerians would say Blood of Zachariah! What is this?? Are these freshers scared of theft or scared of some one robbing their foodstuffs? How do you swap leather cases for iron trunks? Seriously😨😨??  These trunks were believed to have been used when the UDSM chancellor was still in Campus!  I thought they were […]

Freshers’ Corner! How to Deal with your new Roommate

It all begins with an innocent wearing of your clothes without your permission to spending money for two like you are relatives or something. Thing is roommates are horrible. If you don’t have the money to upgrade to a single room, then you have to deal with the fact that this is going to be […]

Fresher’s Guide! How to avoid being conned

It’s almost that time when fresher’s have to report for their very first semester at campus and let me tell you something that you should watch out for and that’s con men. These guys by now must have already set their strategies for the new semester. Let’s just say, it’s also like they are reporting back  to […]