MCM! Andrew Peter running China Town!

Handsome, passionate and with a charming personality, oh yes! Andrew Peter is worth being the MCM today. Pursuing a Bachelor of International Economics and Trade at Shenyang Aerospace University, Shenyang campus; Andrew is pulling the strings else where with a many Chinese lady ready to learn Swahili and be the potential Mrs. Right. With a […]

MCM! UDSM’s Flamboyant Innocent Lyatuu

With a style that craves the ladies attention, a smile with the fancy looks meet this week’s MCM, Innocent Lyatuu. Pursuing a Bachelor of arts in Economics, Innocent is in his third and final year at Campus to say. Innocent is accustomed to having fun, hating pretence and being straight forward avoiding the mumbling bit […]

MCM! Benny Peter, The hearthrob from United Kingdom

You heard that right. Benny Machunde is a tanzanian scholar at University Of Hertfordshire in the land of the Queen. Many youth do dream to set a foot in England, Benny is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at the campus. With looks that send shockwaves to the ladies’ spines, Benny is quite a charming, […]

MCM! Meet the Identical Peter and Paul Tendewa

Getting accustomed to seeing one man as MCM! Well today we bring you two. No, its not photoshop, these two are actually identical twins. Meet our own Psquare in our very own backyard. You thought Peter and Paul Okoye were identical, you haven’t met these two. One cant tell who is Peter and who is […]

MCM! The stylish Humphrey Maganga from UDSM

Charming, stylist and the cuteness that has ladies’ attention, Humphrey Maganga has it all. A third year student at University of Dar es Salaam, Humphrey is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. Interested in generating cash and innovations, investment ideas is what he spits as the week catches up.  Already taken and in a relationship, Humphrey […]

MCM! Miraj Mshana, “I only read during the Exam period”

With an ideal passion for entrepreneurship and self employment, Miraj Mshana, a third year student at University of Dar es Salaam pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing caught up with the lane and entails us through his daily schedule. A keen eye for business and the ladies too, ladies are often heard calling him their […]

MCM! Abraham Kambi “Aeb” is the new Breed of your Ideal Guy

Since the dawn of time, every campus chic has celebrated the coming of a new hot kid on the block. Now there is one serious reason why we couldn’t leave Abraham Kambi in the caves. He is the new breed of your ideal guy. Besides his debonair looks, spruce answers to his well-groomed self. One […]

MCM! UDSM’S Amicable Brever Ovin

One of  a kind, polite, smart and ambitious handsome gentleman with a hidden admirable character of fearing God completes the full package of a man he is.  Brever Ovin, a second year student at the University of Dar Es Salaam pursuing  a Bachelor of Economics and Statistics, is quite a kind fellow, who likes making new […]

MCM! Meet the ravishing Oscar Mosha

Every cloud has a silver lining well, this Monday’s silver lining is the ravishing hunk of a man, Oscar Mosha. Oscar is a second year  student at  University of Dar es salaam aspiring to become a Doctor of Medicine. His looks may categorise him unserious and fun-loving but quite the contrary.   He describes himself […]

MCM: Joe,self proclaimed,King of Middle Class.

Why King of Middle Class?…Well,lets find out.A sense of tribute in a crowd, uncontrollable held breaths and smitten gaping eyes; all signs of a pretty boy alert. The ladies love a face they can build fantasies on, and eyes they can dedicate selfie moments to, but a moment of perfection can’t match the never-ending feeling […]

MCM:Meet the “Style Consultant”, Kenny.

To all the dudes out there,have you ever imagined a number of ladies stalking you?….Well,this is not a dream,but a reality to Kennedy. Kennedy George is a second year student at University of Dar es Salaam offering Accounting.He has a great liking for fashion,anyone who has ever had a glimpse on this dude on campus […]

#MCM! The sturdy Rakim Mwampamba

Rakim Mwampamba is a student of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam. Mere sight of Rakim would tell you he is a model,ranging from his morphology to his wardrobe. His Western-like lifestyle leaves many campusers doubting if he is Tanzanian,well Rakim is Tanzanian. He has that body that leaves the […]

#MCM! Heri Muziki,the next big thing.

Heri Mwakitalima is a student of Commerce in Finance at the university of Dar es Salaam.Loved by many girls and hated by dudes because their girls’ unending infatuations.Heri Muziki’s music could make a nun reconsider her vows. He was put in the limelight by his reknown Nakukumbukaga hit that recieved a lot of airplay on […]

#MCM: Meet UDSM’s classy Wencelaus.

Wenceslaus Paul Kayani is a student of Public Administration at the University of Dar es Salaam. His lifestyle is admired by many,especially the girls who always want to date well off dudes..He lives a kind of lifestyle similar to the Mexican drug lords.Probably he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth,who knows. Wenceslaus […]

MCM:Ritchie,a computer scientist turned entrepreneur.

Ritchie Save Raphael is a second year pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science at the University of Dar es Salaam. Ritchie likes reading inspirational and entrepreneurship related articles,billionaire biographies and gyming.He also likes hanging around open minded,passionate and ambitious people.Eating good food,chilling with family and peers. He hates procrastination,gossiping and financial extravagance.Despite his […]

MCM: William, the diplomat.

Mere sight of  William will make you tell what kind of dude he is. William possesses all those traits that keep girls in churches praying for their dream guy to have. William George Mattao is a first year student at the Centre for Foreign Relations pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.I guess […]

MCM:Tomboi,the style stud and fashion junkie.

Calvin Tomboi is a second year student of Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality at the prestigious Hill of  Knowledge,University of Dar es Salaam. He has a zeal for music and break dancing just like it’s exhibited on his instagram,plus a keen eye for fashion,now you can imagine what kind of guy he is.Calvin […]

MCM: IFM’S Edward the dude with an eye for fashion and swagged up attitude.

Heard of a lad whose life style so fleeking that it leaves the rest of campus drooling with envy?Well,one of these lads is Eddo,a guy with a keen eye for fashion and swagged up attitude. Edward Kaijage is a first year Computer Science student at the Institute of Financial Management.He has a knack for the […]

MCM:Paivin,the groovy hunk!

Paivin Rugambwa is a first year Bachelor’s of Arts in Law Enforcement student at the University of Dar es Salaam.He has a great passion for sports especially rugby,a game in which he is decorated with a couple of trophies. He is currently signed to Dar Leopards where he gets the opportunity to advance his talent […]

#MCM: meet TIA’s Victor the dude with the cool attitude

Known for his calmness and comedic stunts, the dude, a first year at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy in Dar es salaam, also has a fling and soft spot for the ladies. He cant withstand a lady in pain nor vain thats why with Victor when you are a lady, you are granted safety at all […]

MCM:Pronety,the dancing doctor!

Frederick Pronety David is a first year student of Medicine at the St.Joseph’s College of Health and Sciences with a tremendous passion for dancing. This is evidenced by his IG account that’s filled with choreography of all sorts.Pronety,as most of his peers call him,has a passion that is so rare among students studying Medicine.He is […]

#MCM: Martin the gent with the ladies

As we approach the end of the month, the lane decided to give the ladies a treat with a familiar and popular figure in Martin. Martin is a second year student at the prestigious business campus; Institute of Finance Management pursuing a bachelor of Computer Science. A gent with the ladies and a brother to […]

MCM! Meet Dellan Sway, the dude that has the ladies turning their necks!

        Walking my way downtown across the gradlane, many babes are heard complaining of how the Lane is one-sided and doesn’t feature gents as the ladies under the Personale category. Well ladies your cry was heard loud and clear. The lane hereby presents you with Dellan Sway, a first year student offering Bachelor of Commerce […]