A Letter to the Graduate Class 2018

happy african male university graduate with classmates

After a series of pondering and research I realise today’s generation thinking capacity and creativity is way off. Many are the sort of copy and paste ideas type: call it the google generation.

Thinking of the past, many of our forefathers thought of a way to make a living, a way to cater for the responsibilities that lay ahead of them.

Many of the youth today rely on job opportunities but the meagre fact is that with over 40,000 graduates are released into the job market annually yet the employability absorption rate very minimal, one ought to ask himself about the surplus!

Where do we place the rest? With each enrollment of campusers each year as freshers; many have hopes of automatic employment at the end of the journey; a far fetched dream yet to wake up from.

We, “the google generation” have resources at our disposal and we ought to think out of the box. Not every one is blessed with the entrepreneurial skills, but are you willing to learn?

Many of us joined campus back in 2015, a journey worth anticipating with enthusiastic belief of first class degrees at the end of the tunnel. But as we got near the end; the light is getting dim by the day; only a few yet to get that so much honored first class degree.

In life its not all about books; a song echoed across the planet but books are key to the next step. How well have you implemented the knowledge acquired across the journey from primary: for surely many of us might have reached our melting point. The education journey coming to its end. No more lectures no more tests!

What we have all endured throughout our education journey, a meagre insight of that which is to come; the real test is life.

Many of us are used to getting funds from our parents; this shall come to a halt, the food and fun we utmostly enjoyed; we now ought to provide for ourselves. How prepared are you? For our guardians have played their part. The ball is in your court. Will you aim for the basket or toss it over?

Analyse your environment, your friends, utilise your connections, as the saying goes these days

You may not work in the field you studied in!

Many employers are looking for that extra mile in you; aside class work, what advantage do you have over other candidates?

Till then,


Phocus David