Accounting Association UDSM Career Couching Event 

What a day it was! Filled to the utmost brim, the venue was enlightened by great figures, smiling and enlightened youth. We appreciate the presence of all who made to this great event. We extend our sincere gratitude to our dear esteemed sponsors, Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Tanzania Association of Women Certified Accountants (TAWCA),  Cornerstone and the National Board of Auditors and Accountants (NBAA). We are quite grateful and without you sponsorship, this great event would not be.

The Career Couching Event in summary showcased various skills that an auditor, an accountant or rather a financial officer ought to have. These included; resume writing skills, personal branding and career development. We also learned a great deal of interview skills one ought to have.

The event was opened by Madam Bahati Geuzye from TAWCA who enriched a great deal of knowledge about today’s job market and about TAWCA.

We learned and were enriched about interview skills by the Human Resource Manager Mr Shadrack from Kunduchi Hotel. He enlightened us with alot; with a keynote that one ought to pick up a phone call from a new number with utmost politeness; for one might not know the other end speaker is your might be employer. Get an insight read from the wise Human Resource Manager by clicking the links below

  1. Interviewing skills-1
  2. Interviewing skills-2
  3. Interviewing skills-3

Getting to know internal auditing; Madam Berthasia (CPA-TZ), an internal auditor with the Institute of Internal Auditors gave us an insight on what it takes to be an auditor, how to cope up with job pressure and how to surpass expectations. Get an insight read  on internal auditing click the link below.

  1. Getting to know Internal Auditing

    Madam Ruthie, a lecturer with University of Nairobi taught us and encouraged us to follow what we desire in our careers. She tasked us to carry out various activities and engage ourselves in various opportunities while still at the University for the world is a competitive one right now and one ought to stand out from the rest in order to be considered efficient, effective and a viable candidate for the job at bay. Below is an insight read on Madam Ruthie’s presentation. Click the link below

    1. Career Planning and development

    We learned a lot about how the National Board of Accountants and Auditors conducts and grades the Certified Public Accounting papers and exams. We also learned that the NBAA is a resilient and a must join organisation for every accountant and auditor as depicted in the presentation below. Click the link below

    1. NBAA presentation

    The event came to an end with Mr Cornelly Kilatu from Cornerstone giving us knowledge about time management and Curriculum Vitae (CV) writing skills. He urged us to focus onthe futureand think big, citing an example that one might even get a CPA before graduating, all that matters is accounting for your time. Click the link below

    1. CV writing skills
    2. Time Management

    Accounting Association would once again like to express its sincere gratitude to everyone who made this occasion a success. Thanks for coming.

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