AIESEC’s jewel:the Career fair

Seminars and symposiums and confrences have long proved to be a huge track to boost up academic excellence and extracurricular aspects;worldwidely universities like stanford,Duke,Harvard have claimed that despite having a good academic forum but 70% of their success comes from the seminar attribution as well as it’s allocated extracurricular affluent factors it creates.

AIESEC’s in TANZANIA career fair is a career programme that comes in the form of a seminar like texturing event;being informal it aims at making employers and expected employees “graduates” with the inclusion of continous students come together to interact with one another on workshop skillsetting,speed interviews,cv writing competition and employability matching.

AIESEC being a glftobal youth leadership movement that impacts leadership and experience of a kind has to offer such an opportunity;AIESEC Tanzania’s career fair project coordinator,Yvette Tackie had to describe this year’s career fair and AIESEC in the following ways”AIESEC is the largest youuth run organisation in the world, present in over 121+ countries. Our main focus is Youth leadership development which is made possible by our exchange programs and bringing in young international talents to work and bring diversity to companies here in Tanzania.

In addition to that, we hold annual events in the various universities in Tanzania with the support of our partners (PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, Stanbic Bank, Standard Chartered, Bank of Africa, United Bank for Africa, Atsoko Makeup store and 15 other companies).

In addition to that, we hold annual events in the various universities in Tanzania with the support of our partners one of them being our annual Career Fair event.

This space brings together corporate organisations and recent graduates as well as job seekers to interact and explore their career options. This opportunity also allows companies to advertise and market their products to the participants as well as recruit if needed.”

This year AIESEC’s in TANZANIA has a different flavour as per the words of the marketing organizing commitee vice president and he disburses that”Days are now numbered to the most anticipated event from AIESEC in Tanzania. The link to sign up is the door to open opportunities that may come once in a life time experience. We are speaking jobs, Internships, training….. you name them all.

He did prescibe this year’s career fair has the following to enlist for:

_Youth Business Challenge_; incase you have that one business idea you wish to develop ($1000 prize for the best idea)
Follow this link for more details

Submit your idea through this link

Deadline: 10th April 2018

_CV writing competition_;

your best CV will be a door to land a job or internship.

Deadline: 3rd April 2018
Submit your CV here

_Skills training_; everything you need to know in the job market.

_Companies workshop_; Different companies will showcase their products and opportunities available.

_Speed Interviews_; Have you ever been to an interview before? During the event there will be speed interviews and best candidates to land opportunities for their Careers.

Interestingly this year the career fair has also extended in vast regions like Zanzibar and Dodoma to give other universities a chance to also exhibit these opportunities.

Are we to see the next Stanfords and Harvard challengers from these opportunities;I preassumely say yes. See you on the 14&15 April at the University of Dar es Salaam