And So What? Move on

You have done your best, toiled, hard worked, planned and executed; yet no success. And so what?

Your relationship just collapsed, you are heart broken, you feel like dying, you feel like committing suicide. And so what?

You have been defeated, crushed, but you aren’t dead yet. And so what?

You have failed, failed and failed. You thought, “is it only me?” And so what?

You have just lost huge amount of money after investing in a business and you are like, that’s the end. And so what?

Your employer fired you. You feel like, “why me?” And so what? Whether you are guilty or not of the reason for your dismissal, adjust and move on.

Whatever problem you are into. And so what? Move on, refire, revise, rekindle, reassess, relent not, remove impediments and rise up.

If life throws spade at you, dig the ground with it, bury all your life problems and move on.

Look at any situation or problem you are into in the face and say, AND SO WHAT?