Ardhi University Loans Officer suspended “asimamishwa”

Education Minister, Professor Joyce Ndalichako has suspended the loans officer “afisa Mkopo” of Ardhi University, Rajabu Mango for failure to complete the loan processing procedures for students who were granted a loan despite the Government’s timely submission of the funds to the students’ accounts.

The decision has been reached after students complained about not receiving the funds resulting into failure to cater for their needs while at school.

After the complaints, the official failed to make sure the students were registered and approved so as to be granted credit, while the government had already issued funds to the Higher Education Student Loan Board (HESLB).

Professor Ndalichako said Thursday, November 23, 2011 that the Government can not be lagged behind by a few people.

She has instructed other universities to complete the clearance and approval process in order to eliminate student complaints from failing to receiving money on time.

She also instructed the head of all universities in the country to stay with the students and solve their problems instead of staying at the office.

“Most of all in mind; the credit provider needs to listen to the students instead of the students following you around while you keep confusing them around in circles,” she said.

Professor Ndalichako said there has been a blame for pupils that they did not pay fees at a time, while the government was already financing for loans.