HESLB releases list of Successful Loan “MIKOPO” applicants

Higher Education Students Loans Board has today released the first batch of successful applicants after the a series of analysis for the applicants 2017/2o18, 10,196 students first year candidates have successfully been granted these loans. Click here to get full list.  The Executive Director, HESLB Dr. Abdul-Razzaq at a media conference today, 18th October, proclaimed […]

WCW! SUA’s buxom Neema John

A reason for waking up the next yesterday yet to oogle at the buxom and voluptuous figure and infectious smile, many a gent in her class claim she is the reason their eyes are never droopy. Neema John Mgetta is a second year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor degree in Family and Consumer Science at […]

University Selected Applicants 2017-2018 | Updated List!

The various list below entails various selections from various universities in Tanzania for the selected successful applicants. Click the University name below to get the full list of successful applicants. 1. BUGANDO UNIVERSITY.  Bachelor of Pharmacy  Doctor of Medicine BSc. Nursing 2. Muslim University of Morogoro 3. Sokoine University of Agriculture  4. Water Institute – […]

UDOM University Selection Bachelor Degree 2017 – 2018

The following applicants have been selected for admission into various degree courses at University of Dodoma. All applicants are required to observe the following. Report to the university on 28th October 2017 and attend the compulsory orientation programme starting on Monday 31st October. Admission letters and other instructions will be available in the accounts used […]

UDSM Undergraduate Selected Applicants 2017-2018

THOSE APPLIED AT UDSM DURING FIRST ROUND : This is for applicants who applied During the first round Your are advised to log in to your UDSM admission account by using your account credentials 1. View the Masage for instructions 2. View the selection results 3. selected applicants at UDSM with multiple admissions ( Also […]

University Successful Applicants for Bachelor Degree Programmes 2017- 2018

The various list below entails various selections from various universities in Tanzania for the selected successful applicants. Click the University name below to get the full list of successful applicants. 1. BUGANDO UNIVERSITY.  Bachelor of Pharmacy  Doctor of Medicine BSc. Nursing 2. Muslim University of Morogoro 3. Sokoine University of Agriculture  4. Water Institute – […]

WCW! Meet IFM’s Fearlesss Meninah Mchomvu

Fearless, cute with a kind and giving heart, an aura of resilient beauty with a body that rhymes to Ed Sheeran’s Divide, Meninah is our woman crush of the day. A student of Bachelor of Social Protections at the Institute of Finance Management, no words can poetically describe this resilient character. An audacious and outspoken […]

WCW! Meet the Comely Neema Ladslaus

Truth can be deceptive unless theory is a proven action. Beguiling and dainty, with a sleek and eye-catchy figure, Neema Ladslaus, a student at University of Dar es Salaam makes your dull day, a bright one. With a smile that adds detail to the blur, Neema is a lady with features to kill for, offering […]

Common Pranks Tanzanian Campusers use to Get Money from Parents

Today lying to parents just siphon money out of them is turning out to be the order of the day. Campus being a place of events to attend and activities to do has forced so many students to either exaggerate in the required amounts or come up with their own bills and above all, the […]

WCW! Meet the Beauty Gemstone Rayah Dogoly

With a flicker of beauty, a peacock’s pride and a captivating stride, only the pessimistic will yearn with jealous and zeal for a better combination of beauty. This captivating lady, Rayah Dogoly is our Woman crush of the day.   Offering Public relations and Advertising at University of Dar es Salaam, no wonder billboards will […]

WCW! Irene Musobi, a Midas touch of beauty

A glaring spotlight that glows even in the dawn of sunlight, a gifted touch of Midas with sheer kindness and beauty fits the description of this week’s Woman Crush, Irene Musobi. A student at University of Dar es salaam taking on Public Relations and Advertising in her third year at the campus, she has a liking […]

WCW! UDSM’s Ecstatic Shamim Baharia

With a knack for friendliness and happiness, a beauty hidden underneath a lab coat with a priority to keep her books in focus and lifestyle in balance, Shamim Baharia fits this elusive description pinpointing her as our WCW for thr start of a fresh month.  In her 3rd year at UDSM offering a Bachelor of […]

WCW! with the decent and classy Aisha Waziri

The diligence and class, is a notion out of a portion made with braininess and smart moves that ought not to be found lying across any University lane. A character that describes our WCW lady today, Aisha Waziri. A second year student of Commerce in Marketing at University of Dar-es Salaam, Aisha concurs with her […]

WCW! The Flawlessly Gorgeous Lilian Stanley

When you sit tranquilly, you set a great example to the people who rush around in panic and thus you show the crazy waves the beauty of being a calm lake., one of the qualities our WCW, Lilian Stanley Lema has. Quite an indifferent character among the many few ladies I have crossed path, the […]

WCW! The Eye Candy, Neema Victor

​No secret is as secretive as the secret behind beauty, a glimpse of a good looking face makes many ask what is the secret ingredient. Hillarious, humble and joyous is what describes our WCW this week, Neema Victor. A second year student of Building Economics at Ardhi University, one glare at this stunning belle you […]

WCW! The gorgeously sublime Adelaide Kwai

Picturesque, most people tend to realise beauty at sight forgetting that it fades with the wind, but a beautiful heart won’t. That is what, Adelaide Kwai, our WCW for this last week of 2016 represents. Reserve the best wine for the last drop to your guests. You will agree to me that there is more […]

WCW! Glory Mathias, a clean slate of Beauty

There are no exact words to explain this beauty, other than she is the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence I could ever possibly write. Our WCW today is Glory Mathias a second year student of Bachelor of Accounting at Institute of Finance Management. For the two years that Glory has spent at IFM, several […]

WCW! Jacqueline Charles Seromba, the novelist

Our Woman Crush Wednesday today is non other than Jacqueline Charles Seromba. A beautiful soul with a heart of gold and an unmatched beauty. She is a dancing queen in her own right- since she loves dancing although it’s not really safe to assume that she is a party animal. Jackie is a first year […]

WCW! Jenipher Mallya, suave and charming

Our WCW this week is Jenipher Mallya, a 2nd year student at UDSM. Her exceptional beauty helps her to keep her secrets. Most people tend to think the best of those who are blessed with beauty; we have difficulty imagining that physical perfection can conceal twisted emotions or a damaged mind. Sometimes Mariah yawns so […]

WCW! The beauteous Faith Frank Taylor

Our WCW this week Faith Frank Taylor. This Beauty Goddess is a 1st year student at Ardhi University offering a Bachelors in Building Economics . Her beauty cannot be measured with standards of a colonized mind. She has a look of not altogether belonging to today. She is a rare soul, she has this infectious […]

Rude awakening; she’s just not that into you

I think anything more pathetic than a desperate girl is a desperate boy, I don’t know why but girls can get off with pathetic pleading over a boy, but boys go from hot to loser. What? Of course men have feelings but don’t blame me, socialization is the core reason for this mentality, you’re not […]

WCW! IFM’s stunning Nassra Nassor

It comes rarely for an ordinary girl to slay endlessly with a flawed body toned with round eyes, sexy lips wrapped up with a tall neck and yet still madly in love with Fashion. Since fashion is a trend and style lives in a person, donning a hijab never goes out of style!” says Nassra […]

WCW! Glamour at bay, Mariam Joram

She’s hot with a slim body that fits her perfectly. She’s got people staring at her but she makes it worth their while, giving them exactly what they want but in a classy way. With a liking for music and the sea view,a dislike for lies and hypocrisy, Mariam who is in her second year at […]

#WCW! UDSM’s elegant Martha Swai

A beauty one ought not to pass by with a glimpse of elegance and profound honesty is Martha. A student of Bachelor of Arts in Statistics at The Hill. With a like of very many things; singing and dancing inclusive, she confesses being a shopperholic. She likes shopping a lot! Men beware! Also a road […]

#WCW! The Compelling Hubert Kairuki’s Sandra Kivugo

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself and that’s the case of our Woman Crush Wednesday today, the stunning Sandra Raymond Kivugo. This Angelic doctor to be is someone you’d be blessed to know. Sandra is a second year at Hurbert Kairuki Memorial University pursuing a doctor of medicine. Her stunning looks not only […]

#WCW: Meet KCMC’s Leyla, a doctor Adorned!

Adorned, others may say prettified, the wise shall rhyme gilded, all mean one word beauty enhanced. Meet Leyla, a third year at the prestigious Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College, who said the beauty have no brains? Well Leyla disapproves that all, pursuing a Doctor of Medicine at KCMC, the beauty is endowed with everything in its […]

#WCW: Meet IFM’s entrepreneurial beauty, Eva David

Eva David, a third year student at Institute of Finance Management pursuing a Bachelor in Insurance and Risk Management is not only a beauty with brains, but with an entrepreneurial mind, honest and fun loving, hardworking and a people’s person.Eva is blessed with a curvaceous body, a cleansed and righteous spirit to do right by […]

#WCW: Winnie Marcus, a learned friend with epitomic beauty

Winnie Marco Marcus Kawandakamu, a now third year student pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at the Hill, University of Dar es Salaam fits the description of a tender and kindhearted soul. Known for her generosity and kindness, this law queen also can’t hide her love for food; as it gives her a moment of selflessness. […]

Students required to confirm their loans’ information

The following are the students required to confirm their loans’ information in the various universities. University Of Dodoma Click Here Sokoine University of Agriculture Click here RUCU Click here ATC Click here MAKUMIRA Click here MUM Click here IAA-ARUSHA Click here ST JOHNS Click here MUCE Click here UOI Click here TEKU Click here MU […]

#WCW! UDSM’s Sharon Adams, elegant and delightful

Elegance alone matched with fame is an incomplete formula for there is beauty and delight on the other side of the equals sign, a definition of a true lady that has been bestowed on Sharon Adams Mosha. Sharon, a campuser pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising at the University of Dar […]

University Entry Requirements for Form Six students

The admission of applicants with Form Six qualifications into higher education institutions will be done through Central Admission System and will involve the following categories: Form Six applicants who completed their Form Four Secondary Education from the year 1988 onwards; Applicants with Foreign Certificates who completed their secondary education through different education systems; Applicants with […]

How to apply using Central Admission System (CAS) for University

Instructions on How to Apply Using the Central Admission System (CAS) a) Introduction Three groups of applicants can apply for admission into Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Colleges) as follows: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applicants Form Six Leavers who sat for NECTA Examinations Form Six Leavers who sat for Examinations of Other Foreign Examining […]

#WCW: Vanessa Douglas, a lawyer with a taste for modelling

Greeted with a sight of utmost freshness and beauty, you keep wondering where such ladies hide in broad day light. Meet Vanessa Douglas, a lady pursuing a Bachelor of laws at University of Dar es Salaam a girl with a liking for Eating, loves her peace and calm serene areas but with an unusual habit […]

#WCW: Meet IFM’S Delightful and ecstatic Glorie

Glorie Blasius Loloma, a student at Institute of Finance Management pursuing a degree in Banking and Finance is not only picturesque, she also has an unlikely love for soccer. While many girls hate soccer, Glory loves watching football matches when free. Her instincts not only drive her to the ultimate desire for singing but also […]

#WCW: Hamida, UDSM’s stylish prima donna

Slender and sleek, with an eye for fashion, a description of a fairytale princess; humble and hardworking Hamida Voniatis pursues a Bachelor of Banking and Financial Services at University of Dar es Salaam. Coupled with definite features that are eye catching and good looking, Hamida likes keeping her cool despite the attention she commands. With […]

TCRA announces ICT scholarships [fully funded]

Application Deadline:  July 11 2016 The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) is currently inviting highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students to apply for its 2016/17 ICT scholarship. The scholarship offers Tanzania students the opportunity to obtain degrees in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and related areas. The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic […]

Prof. Ndalichako storms (kutumbua) the HESLB loans offices

The minister of Education, Science and Technology,Prof. Joyce Ndalichako recently stormed the Higher Education Students loans Board demanding an explanation about 168 students of University of Dar es salaam, and 919 students of University of Dodoma who are seen to be receiving loans worth three billions tanzania shillings, but are not registered and recognised in […]

#WCW: Meet UDSM’s Nkabasia Mushi, sentimental yet passionate

The beauty lies in the hands of the beholder, the old wise saying, a law of relationships, quite true in reality, but not in this epic scenario. Blessed with beauty, sentimental with a charming charisma, brains; a completion of the equation, Nkabasia Mushi is a first year student at University of Dar es salaam offering […]

#WCW: Tumaini’s Lumbi Sabini, the beauty with it all

The eyes liked what they saw, the ears loved what they heard and the heart could not stop pounding for a second as the lane crossed paths with Lumbi Sabini. Lumbi is a first year student at Tumaini University Dar es Salaam (TUDaRco) pursuing a Bachelors in Business Administration. You can not turn the other […]

#WCW Meet Sia Adili Bless; the beauty, calmness and simplicity!

Saying that I am mesmerised would be an understatement for such profound beauty, only appreciation of God’s fine piece of work can tell the tale. Meet Sia Adili Bless, simple and down to earth, curved with such beauty; only a matter of time before even atheists believe the existence of God’s creation abilities. Sia, a […]