MCM! Benny Peter, The hearthrob from United Kingdom

You heard that right. Benny Machunde is a tanzanian scholar at University Of Hertfordshire in the land of the Queen. Many youth do dream to set a foot in England, Benny is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at the campus. With looks that send shockwaves to the ladies’ spines, Benny is quite a charming, […]

MCM! The stylish Humphrey Maganga from UDSM

Charming, stylist and the cuteness that has ladies’ attention, Humphrey Maganga has it all. A third year student at University of Dar es Salaam, Humphrey is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. Interested in generating cash and innovations, investment ideas is what he spits as the week catches up.  Already taken and in a relationship, Humphrey […]

Fashion! Nailing that Androgynous Look!

Possibly wondering what androgyny might mean, well it simply is a touch of both the male and female look fused into one. This type of fashion is the kind where a lady rocks that BoyFriend tshirt and coat. The mocassins and leather strapped belts.. manly like look on a lady. Heard of Ellen Degeneres? The […]

MCM! Miraj Mshana, “I only read during the Exam period”

With an ideal passion for entrepreneurship and self employment, Miraj Mshana, a third year student at University of Dar es Salaam pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing caught up with the lane and entails us through his daily schedule. A keen eye for business and the ladies too, ladies are often heard calling him their […]

No strings attached will Always mean Strings attached for Campus Girls

The contents of this article are not new to you guys, you fully understand this side to a woman. You however choose to listen to your other head, knowing fully well it has no brain cells. Women are complicated, campus girls even way worse, they haven’t established themselves as women yet so they are all […]

MCM! Abraham Kambi “Aeb” is the new Breed of your Ideal Guy

Since the dawn of time, every campus chic has celebrated the coming of a new hot kid on the block. Now there is one serious reason why we couldn’t leave Abraham Kambi in the caves. He is the new breed of your ideal guy. Besides his debonair looks, spruce answers to his well-groomed self. One […]

Gents watch out for these Campus ladies

We all love flaunting style and class this goes to all Campus ladies we know you want that high class life. But wait a minute, Dnt get it twisted that Love aint a beautiful thing the Koko master D’banj sang the tune. To what extent campus ladies are willing to go has got me questioning…  […]

Campus girls, the threaded bob braids are way beyond past stale

Honey, the ship has sailed. Quit trying to swim towards it, it don’t want you no more. Move on to the other ships on the shore. Weaves, that’s something we never complain about, why? It literally looks like your hair. We can’t be mad if you do it over and over again but the threaded […]

2016 BET Awards Best Dressed

The BET Awards came along with lots of amazing fun stuff, the performances of our lives, appearances of our fabulous celebrities, fashion trends and styles, without forgetting our best part…the red carpet. Queen Bey and Kendrick Lamar stole the show, without forgetting the brilliant and touching speech of Jesse Williams, that got him a standing […]

#fashion World: The Rocking Accessories

Accessories are for adding some edge on our outfits to spice it all up, these could be the mini belts,  clutches, handbag, jewelry and so many others, but today we focus on jewelry. This is a collection of stuff we wear on our bodies to spice our looks earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and rings. There […]

The 2016 Top Five a must shoes for the ladies

There is a lot of shoes from many designers every year, the sandals, the high heels, boots, pumps and a lot more to mention but a few but of course some will top the list of the most worn shoes by many people, trend setters, fashion icons not to forget our lovely celebrities. So let’s […]

BRAS Zone in: Get that smart chest look!

BRAS ZONE IN Bras though being  the smallest pieces of clothes they  are very important to every woman’s life and it’s a must have, can’t live or do without one and everything could go into shambles about one’s outfit if you got it all wrong about the bra. So pay attention today is your day […]

My Trend with the African Print

African prints clothes have made headlines from year to year as the become more popular to the fashion world all over the world, we have seen Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez to mention but a few top celebrities rocking them, its most definately the in thing now, tops, pants, dresses, skirts and th likes and […]

Walk with that 2016 handbag!

Bags have been trending year after year, fashion designers have been trying to keep up with the times twisting the twists just to go with the flow, age, and times for they surely change. Today in the fashion corner we are bringing you types of bags and occasions and how to rock them. CLUTCHES Clutches […]

Trending Hairstyles 2016

2016 is yet another controversial year, lots of styles and colors to match, that’s all about everything, bags, clothes, hair, shoes name it, and it’s all about sense of color and style. Today in our fashion corner though we will be looking at hair….the styles and the colors that to might have received slots of […]