True Picture of a Single Father’s life at Campus

In most campus cases, it is the woman who is denounced by her man whenever she ignores to take those Emergency pills and another life is created. What happens when it is the woman who bails out on her man and their unborn baby?

Four students feared DEAD as University of Nairobi is closed following a deadly strike

The University of Nairobi senate has today morning ordered all students to vacate the halls of residence and hostels by 9am. This was an emergency directive taken to calm the 1 week violent situation that engulfed the university and left over 27 students injured. “UON senate has today closed the University with immediate effect due […]

Get a Side Hustle, Being broke in Campus isn’t Funny

This is a featured story from Kenya. Enjoy! There’s a story I like telling about my first year in campus. I was so broke this one weekend I had just KSh20 in my pockets. I called my Dad and he said he had no money. I called my Mum and she barked: “Call your father.” […]

Typical gossip topics in an all-Girl crew

I wouldn’t say the female species loves to talk, it’s like saying humans love to eat. Speaking is part of a human’s cycle. However I will say this, girls need to talk. Nothing like a pow out with the girls to Drake’s music and the tea on everything. Guys have always been intimidated by a […]

Why going to the bar with your girlfriend isn’t the Smartest idea

Clubbing is a custom engraved in the hearts of most campusers. University students can afford to miss major meals in a week, in the name of saving for drinks on Friday night #Elements. This is utterly okay because well, who doesn’t wanna have fun? But I’m here to warn you that it’s a bad idea […]

Third year girls, the Cycle, Party animals turned Wife material

Third-year girls are quite shape shifters. They are like wolves in sheepskin. They’re the proverbial milk in a golden jar, milk likely laced with poison. I know a target worker when I see one. Flashback first year. Do you remember back in the day when you were a naive fresher straight from an upcountry school […]

How to tell if that Campus Babe is Wife Material

Of late, there has been a lot of outcry from us men about the dwindling moral levels of the modern lady. The truth is, campus ladies can’t get ratchet without the ever present male audience. Ratchet chics believe that men are fond of their ‘mask’ lifestyles. There is some truth to this but only to […]

EXPOSED: How “Pimps” connect Campus girls to Sugar daddies

​By Louise Mwesiga Twitter: @sweetluiz It’s a Friday night, and all you can see are expensive nice cars parked outside the girls’ halls and hostel; being driven by mature men, with girls excitedly walking down the steps looking stunning ready for the night to be awesome. All I can think is WOW! Surely living the […]

IFM under a threat,students robbed and killed.

PETER TYMAAS Of recent,there has been a habit of unknown people robbing,hurting and killing IFM students.This has occured twice this week.The first incident was observed on 13/03/2017 when one student named Hamis Twaha was attacked and stabbed by the neck in the Kigamboni area.He has left bleeding to death by assailants. After two days,on 15/03/2017 […]

Seven Things That SUCK About Living / Studying Abroad

BOSTON,Massachusetts My friends back home almost always think that studying abroad is the best thing that could happen.Whether it being studying in China, Malaysia, The US, Europe or even Kenya is basically living the life ofmilk and honey. I must admit, I sometimes contribute to this general way of thinking. Frankly speaking,(Or writing?), It’s not […]

Heri Muziki grabs a sugar mummy.

The rising-to-stardom Heri Muziki of the famous Cheche hitsong recently shook airwaves that left many awed.Heri Muziki’s alleged lover,a one Loveness Diva,reknowned presenter on Clouds FM recently shocked the world when she posted a romantic video with Heri Muziki.They were all lovedovey in a car and decided to show the world the lust they had […]

What every Campus Guy hates about their girlfriend

Love is a special thing, or at least that’s what you feel and think in the honeymoon stage of the relationship. This girl is hella pretty, exceptionally smart and rocks our world. This is up until the reality of falling for a campus girl kicks in. It’s hard to deal with the female species dudes, […]

Campus Guys, your chic will never leave if You Do This

​There are two ways to guarantee a healthy relationship. By healthy, I mean the girl is in love with you and there is no threat of her leaving; you have all the leverage you need to assure yourself peace of mind. Meet your soulmate If you are extremely lucky enough to cross paths with your soulmate this is the easiest […]

PICS! SHOCKING as Freshers report with iron sheets to University!!

Eeh! Eeh! Nigerians would say Blood of Zachariah! What is this?? Are these freshers scared of theft or scared of some one robbing their foodstuffs? How do you swap leather cases for iron trunks? Seriously😨😨??  These trunks were believed to have been used when the UDSM chancellor was still in Campus!  I thought they were […]

Fresher’s Guide! How to avoid being conned

It’s almost that time when fresher’s have to report for their very first semester at campus and let me tell you something that you should watch out for and that’s con men. These guys by now must have already set their strategies for the new semester. Let’s just say, it’s also like they are reporting back  to […]


Every single girl knows the B-word. It probably rolls off the tongue as easily as rain drops falling from the sky. As easy as identifying a horny guy by all the sex and or sex-oriented jokes he makes, a single girl is identified by her affinity for saying the B-word. Bae! It is probably not […]

Campus Guys: 10 Signs That You’ve Been Friendzoned

The friend zone, the one place guys and girls will kill not be.  But sometimes you just can’t help it, funny enough, most people in the friend zone don’t have a clue whether they’re there or not. 1. When you decide to go out on a date, she invites her friends to join in As […]

Steps on how to keep your relationship longlasting

It doesn’t matter how wealthy, beautiful or even handsome you are but what gives credit is for how long can you keep your relationship alive? Here are some steps on how to keep your relationship long lasting while at campus. Communication This is one of the most neglected attributes in a relationship and thus the cause […]

Why that Campus Girl isn’t marrying you!

Yea! You heard that right, there are reasons why that campus chic you are so in love with won’t marry you. She will just be there cooking her escape plan or enjoying it while it lasts. From the beginning of the relationship she already mentioned that she wanted to give the relationship a trial, simply […]

Quick fashion tips for campus dudes

Men with style are great because they have a sense of self confidence. You don’t necessarily have to look like David Beckham but you need to have something on that will make you stand out and the ladies find you more attractive. Your style is a way for you to speak without actually having to […]

Meet the 5 sexiest Campus ladies

Who run the world? (girls) We bring you the hottest chics that are currently driving the campus dudes berserk. All we need is you to grab a cup of hot coffee and marvel. 5. Lumbi Sabini. She is a 2nd year student of Business Administration at Tumaini University,Dar es Salaam. Her baby face accentuated with […]