PICTORIAL! Makerere University #Age Limit Riot through the lens

Kampala, Uganda. The ongoing Age limit saga in Uganda has really caught the eye of the world featuring spinning Michael Jacksons in parliament, The fights and wrangles pertaining the National Resistance Movement Party members in Parliament against the opposition members. Our colleagues in Makerere University also participated in demonstrations against the alleged bill to ammend […]

How to Manage your Budget in Campus: The ultimate Students money Spending Guide

Budgeting is an important part of a student’s life. As a student, you need to be smart and responsible when it comes to managing your finances. Here are the dos and don’ts of managing your budget. Have limits on your spending’s Limit the amount you spend daily, weekly or even monthly. This will in turn […]

15 Things To Do in Bed that aren’t SEX

With the current rise of unwanted pregnancies, unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases and the like, here are 15 things one can do with her partner and avoid such mistakes. Keeping your dignity intact might seem the only way out. Play it safe!  1. Cuddle. This can be done pre-sex, post-sex, or even instead of sex. […]

Makerere University set to Recall Degrees issued in the Past Five Years

Makerere University is undertaking a comprehensive audit of marks of students over the past several years to identify and recall degrees obtained on the basis of forged or altered results. Our investigations show that Dr Damalie Naggitta-Musoke, the former dean of the School of Law, is heading the inquiries being conducted by what is officially […]

The 2017 Abryanz Style and Fashion Award nominations are officially open

The biggest fashion event in Africa, the 2017 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAS) are officially welcoming your bids for nomination in the available categories for the awards. Get busy and nominate yourself or any fashion influencer you believe deserves to be recognized. The ASFAS have been happening since 2013 and continue to grow bigger. […]