MCM! Andrew Peter running China Town!

Handsome, passionate and with a charming personality, oh yes! Andrew Peter is worth being the MCM today. Pursuing a Bachelor of International Economics and Trade at Shenyang Aerospace University, Shenyang campus; Andrew is pulling the strings else where with a many Chinese lady ready to learn Swahili and be the potential Mrs. Right. With a […]

MCM! UDSM’s Flamboyant Innocent Lyatuu

With a style that craves the ladies attention, a smile with the fancy looks meet this week’s MCM, Innocent Lyatuu. Pursuing a Bachelor of arts in Economics, Innocent is in his third and final year at Campus to say. Innocent is accustomed to having fun, hating pretence and being straight forward avoiding the mumbling bit […]

Why you are looking Funny with make up

Make-up; cosmetics and other substances applied to the skin to improve it’s appearance. The truest term to define the phenomenon. Makeup is like clothes, it’s been around forever. The Great Gatsby times embraced it, Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lip still burns in our minds and Naomi Campbell’s natural glow makeup still lives on. However I […]

MCM! Meet the Identical Peter and Paul Tendewa

Getting accustomed to seeing one man as MCM! Well today we bring you two. No, its not photoshop, these two are actually identical twins. Meet our own Psquare in our very own backyard. You thought Peter and Paul Okoye were identical, you haven’t met these two. One cant tell who is Peter and who is […]

Weird campus guy habits I will never understand as a girl

If for the life of me have never grasped the rationalisation that men use to go about their day. Even the smartest, most powerful and extremely good looking guys do the weirdest stuff. That’s something I wouldn’t say resonates with women, we girls be different, honestly, you can generalize the entirety that is men and […]

The right way to slay the ripped asymmetric cut jeans

Well we are all used to jeans as campusers because they are the most comfortable and easy-to-wear ensemble you can come up with. You can wear a Billie tee, camo shirt, oversized shirts and many others that I can’t really exhaust. Well these ripped asymmetric cut jeans are the bomb especially if they’re high waist […]

How to rock the Peacock-colored-skater-skirt

Do any of you love peacocks? no? yes?…I hope it is a yes because today I’m going to give you campus girls the reason to love them and your boys to love you too. This skirt has all those colors and you’ll love, meaning you’ll love yourself more. Eventually, the other party (I mean the […]

WCW! Warda Nassoro, the Heart-warming Man-trap from ISW

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but it’s not so when it comes to miss Warda Nassoro. She has a beauty that does not wait for the beholder to notice.  A third year student at the Institute of Social Work pursuing a Bachelor of Human Resource Management. Adept with a baby […]

WCW! The Scorching Hot Regina Chilae from ISW

The camaraderie of beauty and booty, in summation Regina Chilae is a work-of-art. Leaving many a gents’ neck sore and stiff, rumour has it she is envied by the many ladies in her class. Gorgeous, slayer, madame, sexy all sorts of compliments seem to resound this cute lady.  A third year student at Institute of […]

SHOCKER! These fashion accessories describe every Campus guy

Ladies by the end of this article, you will know what type of guy you are dating. I know what you’re thinking, what–no. Understanding men can’t really just come down to the fashion accessories they are obsessed with… can it? Doesn’t sound true but it is, take the time to read and actually think about it, […]

Extreme definition of a Campus Guy that’s a “scrub”

A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me. So lemme give you something to think about. Girls don’t want no scrubs. In a clique of cool kids, there is always this one guy that thinks he is fly and got it all but no, he just sits on his broke ass […]

Campus Ladies, Here is Why Most of You are failing to Get a Husband

The streets, two things are lacking out here, good leadership and hi love, tell me that there is true love among this Pizza and skate generation when we still bribe each other in the name of Marriage. You meet a lady and the first question is “Where do you work or whats your income” before […]

MCM! UDSM’S Amicable Brever Ovin

One of  a kind, polite, smart and ambitious handsome gentleman with a hidden admirable character of fearing God completes the full package of a man he is.  Brever Ovin, a second year student at the University of Dar Es Salaam pursuing  a Bachelor of Economics and Statistics, is quite a kind fellow, who likes making new […]

How To: Step-by-Step Contour & Highlight

Contouring and highlighting is undoubtedly the most strategic part of every makeup routine because of the flawless sculpted definition it provides the face when done correctly. Contouring makes certain features appear smaller, while highlighting emphasizes your most desirable features. Both processes balance each other, which is why they are a force to be reckoned with […]

#Damn! You need to SAVE that HAIRLINE

Many ladies are looking sorts out of place recently. Many have resorted to wigs and weaves to hide the nightmare they are facing on their foreheads. Many claim it’s their nature. Come on girl! Wake up! Stop lying to us all, we know your extended forehead is the aftermath of hair loss. Step aside; the […]

How to keep Your Weave on Fleek on a Campus Budget

When coming to Campus you’ll learn everything you do will be on a campus budget. Your appearance will become harder to keep up as the years go along (if it doesn’t become less important) and you will want to spend your money on more important things. Buying new bundles and constantly getting sew-ins every three months […]

UDSM Vice President urges Youth to fight prostitution 

On air with Campusbuzz at Choice Fm 102.5 fm.. Madam Vice president Shamira Mshangama talks about the current trend on poverty and other issues the youth are facing in today’s generation. She speaks against prostitution and requests us to fight against it. Its not the only way out.. listen to the full interview below. Share

MCM! Meet the ravishing Oscar Mosha

Every cloud has a silver lining well, this Monday’s silver lining is the ravishing hunk of a man, Oscar Mosha. Oscar is a second year  student at  University of Dar es salaam aspiring to become a Doctor of Medicine. His looks may categorise him unserious and fun-loving but quite the contrary.   He describes himself […]

MCM: Joe,self proclaimed,King of Middle Class.

Why King of Middle Class?…Well,lets find out.A sense of tribute in a crowd, uncontrollable held breaths and smitten gaping eyes; all signs of a pretty boy alert. The ladies love a face they can build fantasies on, and eyes they can dedicate selfie moments to, but a moment of perfection can’t match the never-ending feeling […]

MCM:Meet the “Style Consultant”, Kenny.

To all the dudes out there,have you ever imagined a number of ladies stalking you?….Well,this is not a dream,but a reality to Kennedy. Kennedy George is a second year student at University of Dar es Salaam offering Accounting.He has a great liking for fashion,anyone who has ever had a glimpse on this dude on campus […]

Prof. Ndalichako stops (asitisha) further Government recruitment for Humanities (Arts) Teachers

Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Professor Joyce Ndalichako, has issued new terms of employment of teachers in the country, saying the government shall recruit teachers of the humanities (arts) that are available. Speaking in Dodoma yesterday while opening the annual general meeting of Heads of Secondary Schools Tanzania (TAHOSSA), Professor Ndalichako, said the […]

E.A.T.V Awards 2016; the Winners

The awards organized by the East Africa Television Ltd, were the first by the famous television channel in East Africa, where various artists have managed to claim their prizes.The Host of the event was Salama Jabir See the entire list of winners below .   Best Male Artist G Nako – ‘Original’ Sheta –’Namjua’ Mwana […]

DATING! Eight signs he’s not a cheater

Being cheated on is the worst. You feel rejected but also pissed. You don’t know who you can trust. Well, scientific studies have narrowed down some traits that are statistically more common in guys who cheat, so here are some signs (not confirmation, obviously) that your guy will never stray. 1. You bring home the […]

10 tell-tale signs your guy is not in it for the long run

The first few days/weeks/months of a relationship are a chance for you to get to know each other and do the classic flirting over WhatsApp, spending hours choosing what to wear and wondering when your next date is. But, sometimes the person you’re dating might not be as excited about you as you feel about […]

YES! The 14 best things about having a boyfriend

1. There will always be someone to like your selfies. You can now post freely without fear of Zero Likes. 2. He can not reply to your text and you won’t go into a panic attack shame spiral wondering if he’s ghosting. You can say “he’s probably just busy” and know for a fact that yes, that […]

How to make your own facial mask at no cost!

This is for the ladies… na na na na! When we talk about facials, one can imagine an expensive spa and all sorts of ‘chemicals’ or concoctions on faces. Many myths float around facials but how can you experience one by yourself without breaking your bank. As much as the secret to a great facial […]

WCW! Meet the nice and adorable Irene Constantine from SUA

Beauty can not be measured by how nice a person is but with the case of Irene Constantine, we can make an exception. She is an extremely nice person that probably goes by the rule “do to others what you wish to be done unto you.” This beauty is a wonder, living a down-to-earth kinda […]

CAMPUS HEALTH! Hepatitis B and why you should care

We all have our list of diseases that we fear the most, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS and most times add pregnancy to the list. I believe that Hepatitis B should feature on the list because it is more or less a silent killer than gives a serious low blow when you least expect it.   […]

BODY TYPES! The Elephant in the room

The evolution of fashion has always brought hits and misses everywhere. We all have that one outfit in the closet that gathers dust as well as those that enjoy quality time with my bodies a lot more. It is no secret that the essence of good fashion is confidence and as much as the idea […]

TIPS! How to read Body Language: 5 signs He is attracted to You!

Being in love is great as long as you are the one who pulls the strings. To make sure that this is so you got to be sure that you read him as an open book, and to help you get going we have prepared 5 useful tips on how to read body language. Are […]

STYLE! Hairstyles you should be into by now

Getting the right hair-do can seem to be exhausting especially if you are seeing different styles at the same time. I would advise you to go for styles you’re used to but taking risks is part of life. Step out of your bob braids comfort and opt for a spectacular weave. Here are some of […]

11 Dating Mistakes Campus Girls Continue Making

We can all relate to having pulled the wrong number at one point in our lives. Here are dating mistakes that most if not every campus girl continues to make; 1. Having one type LOL! what’s with campo chics and dating only one type of guy? “Oh I only date guys from this and that tribe or guys […]

Asha Abbas; Aurateen founder, inspiring the girl Child Health

17 years old Asha Abbas is celebrated as 1 of Africa’s top young entrepreneurs and change makers. She founded a platform Aurateen where teenagers can have their voices heard on issues that matter. Empowering girls is not only good for girls, but also can drive economic growth, solve social challenges and reduce poverty. Growing up, […]

#WCW! Norah, Mzumbe’s Fashion goddess!!

Norah Kimwaga, is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Health Systems Management at Mzumbe University her beauty and well sketched morphology got her fame that she truly deserves at the Campus which leaves a lot of ladies and gents in dire admiration of her charms, she is cute!! As the saying floats a beau with brains, […]

#MCM! The sturdy Rakim Mwampamba

Rakim Mwampamba is a student of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam. Mere sight of Rakim would tell you he is a model,ranging from his morphology to his wardrobe. His Western-like lifestyle leaves many campusers doubting if he is Tanzanian,well Rakim is Tanzanian. He has that body that leaves the […]

#MCM! Heri Muziki,the next big thing.

Heri Mwakitalima is a student of Commerce in Finance at the university of Dar es Salaam.Loved by many girls and hated by dudes because their girls’ unending infatuations.Heri Muziki’s music could make a nun reconsider her vows. He was put in the limelight by his reknown Nakukumbukaga hit that recieved a lot of airplay on […]

#WCW: UDSM’s Mariam, Is it beauty or Charisma!

She goes by the name Mariam Ismail, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies at Mlimani. It doesn’t necessitate a PHD to realise her beauty because it is obvious she is astoundingly gorgeous and that is the least interesting thing about her.   She has a smile that brightens and everything […]

#MCM: Meet UDSM’s classy Wencelaus.

Wenceslaus Paul Kayani is a student of Public Administration at the University of Dar es Salaam. His lifestyle is admired by many,especially the girls who always want to date well off dudes..He lives a kind of lifestyle similar to the Mexican drug lords.Probably he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth,who knows. Wenceslaus […]

Campus Dating Tips #01

The dating world can be a bewildering place. Here are some tips to help you navigate the perilous waters of love: Ladies: Your date’s salary divided by your own equals the base you should let him get to on the first date.If you are overweight and socially awkward, consider “online dating.” You can go on […]

BillNass : Get to know the other side of the Chafu Pozi artist

Is your Tuesday that boring? Well worry not the lane promised and it has delivered. Whitney on her daily escapades brings you, William Nicholas, BillNass. The fame behind the great hit Chafu Pozi hitting +255 airwaves and television. BillNass, a third year student at College of Business Education Dar es Salaam met up with our […]

MCM: IFM’S Edward the dude with an eye for fashion and swagged up attitude.

Heard of a lad whose life style so fleeking that it leaves the rest of campus drooling with envy?Well,one of these lads is Eddo,a guy with a keen eye for fashion and swagged up attitude. Edward Kaijage is a first year Computer Science student at the Institute of Financial Management.He has a knack for the […]

Mimi Mvrs: meet the media queen

The lane is just starting to make your weekends better and greater as we head into the start of the week…well the lane is linking you to Mimi Mvrs, Marianne Mdee the young one to the famous Vanessa Mdee. Enjoy !! Who is Mimi Mvrs? Tell us a little more about yourself in five words. […]

MCM:Paivin,the groovy hunk!

Paivin Rugambwa is a first year Bachelor’s of Arts in Law Enforcement student at the University of Dar es Salaam.He has a great passion for sports especially rugby,a game in which he is decorated with a couple of trophies. He is currently signed to Dar Leopards where he gets the opportunity to advance his talent […]

#MCM: meet TIA’s Victor the dude with the cool attitude

Known for his calmness and comedic stunts, the dude, a first year at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy in Dar es salaam, also has a fling and soft spot for the ladies. He cant withstand a lady in pain nor vain thats why with Victor when you are a lady, you are granted safety at all […]

#TBT: Get to know the famous Politic alumni of UDSM!

Its throwback thursday campusers! The lane brings you memories of people who were once students like us. Did you know University of Dar es salaam has produced top presidents and politicians of the current African crop of Presidents and leaders? Well the lane will keep running this story every thursday.. bringing you famous alumni from […]

#datingTales: Having a jealous girlfriend

Alex has been complaining of his jealous girlfriend for quite a while now. He says whenever his phone is placed down, the first thing his girlfriend does is to go through his call log, whatsapp messages and all his social media accounts’ inboxes “kufukunyua” this habit has pissed Alex and on one occasion, alaine(not real […]