Ban On 19 Universities to Remain in Force, Says TCU

Dar es Salaam — The 19 institutions of higher learning that were banned by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) from admitting students in the academic year 2017/18 will have to wait until next admission date to take in new students.

According to TCU, the decision stays in force following failure by the universities to address the address shortcomings that were pointed out earlier.

The decision was revealed by the acting executive secretary of TCU, Prof Eleuther Mwangeni, during an exclusive interview with The Citizen.

Prof Mwangeni said as most higher learning institutions start their new academic year today, those, which were banned from admitting new students will have to wait until the next academic year, and meantime, they are required to address the shortcomings.

He further said that TCU will continue with its work of auditing the institutions of higher learning.

“None of the banned institutions has been allowed to take in new students in this academic year. They failed to comply with regulations and will therefore not admit new students in this year,” said Prof Mwangeni.