Beach blues; the right way to arrive at the beach

One would be a total nut job and out of this world if they didn’t love the beach. Well I am being biased and non-objective in my conclusions probably but damn the beach is beautiful and I know many of you campusers love the beach ain’t it? So let me tell you a few things I like about it personally:the pale cream sand, the corals, the blue waters, sound from the waves and so many small packages (it’s actually a long list, excuse my French)

I am 100% sure all of you would love to check out diani especially if you’re dating or trying to woo a girl!(hey gentlemen)..
The color blue is romantic so I wore this yellow mini dress because I’m sure all campusers have that favorite beach piece they’ve wanted to rock…this is Yellow and blue are both colors of nature. One is the colour of the sun  and the other the color of the sea.

So this is my advice for you campusers who love traveling and any sort of beauty; Diani is the go to place. Besides you can wear anything you feel comfortable in as I did since everyone minds their own business and for more tips on how to put these beach pieces together you can check out my blog(

Finally and writing with a lot of butterflies…the crab holes that’s are so mesmerizing in every sense. How I wish I would have the entire beach all to myself, any day any time– apart from the time when humans are stumping over my little crab house(this is me being imaginary and trying to put myself in crab shoes…lol)

Basically I’m letting you in on the in fashion when it comes to the beach. Colours to be precise. Your too young to be off-beat with fashion.

by Shalom Nicolette