Become a Boss while in Campus

Are you in campus still hunting money? Are you that broke that you cant even sponsor a dinner date? Well worry not! the cavalry has set in. Here are some business tips to pull you out of the deep waters.

Between classes and doing tons of homework,  students find it difficult to find a job. So why not make money online? You’re surrounded by the internet anyway! Make this tool useful! Making money online can be easily done by becoming an entrepreneur. During campus, becoming an entrepreneur can be extremely rewarding. Just figure out what it is that you like to do and make a little time for it. Below is a list of things you can consider doing online to bring in extra coins.

Start A Blog

Are you a writer? As a campus student there are a lot of other students that can relate to you and what you have to say. We all can relate to certain experiences whether good or bad. Why not start a blog? Once you get a large amount of readers and followers you can make money by getting advertisements. Getting started can be very easy and simple. Head over to Blogger or WordPress and get started.

Become A YouTube Vlogger

If there is something you like to do and want to share it with the world, become a YouTube vlogger. It is an awesome way to earn extra cash. The more people that watch your videos the more you will get paid.

Start an Online Business

Starting a business online can cost you a little to no money. Are you into fashion or maybe hair weave? Have you ever thought about starting an online boutique? That can be easy! Try finding vendors with good wholesale prices that you can afford and stock up. Make your own price list and get those extra dollars.

Launch an Online or E-Course

Are you usually the nerd that comes to class and takes notes then everybody asks you to see them? Don’t give those notes up for free! Get paid! Create an online course around that topic and upcoming test and sell it. There are several sites that allow you to create courses and you can sell them through their platform. Try You can create and sell your course here and they will take a small percentage.

Buy and Sell Textbooks

You’ve already taken the class so why are you holding on to books you won’t ever use again? There are always students a level behind you that’s going to need them. Not only can you sell your textbooks at the end of the semester, you can buy other textbooks online and resell them at a different price on a different site. Be sure to find out how much they’re worth first!

Any other ways to make some cash? Leave a comment below and let us know!