Behind Those Lyrical Minds and Sounds


“Too focused on people’s feedback and proving them wrong”that was the line that lingered in my head last night as i pressplayed Drake’s zero to a hundred:the catchup;I looked unto that lyrical scent line and it gave me a reflection of what I sometimes beckon in my life,what i go through and an highlight came that I should write today.

So,whatsup with those lyrics that come about and linger people’s heads and gives minds a connection with the artist..let us look from a deeper perspective from insighted thoughts as well.

Kendrick Lamar( a person literally of whom I was born in the same date with;17 June) says the following about his lyrics and music,”Well, like I was saying, as a kid I was always fascinated knowing that I could be the best at something—like Jay-Z or Nas or B.I.G. But putting a positive light on where I come from is also important to me. When you think of Compton, it’s numb with negativity, even to this day. So the whole purpose of this first album and it’s lyrics was really to spark the idea of doing something different rather than doing a record that’s just about gang culture. That’s the ultimate thing I want to do in making music—to be able to inspire somebody else.”

So Kendrick writes to inspire;well stupendously that is what we are eligble to see;that is why many get those lyrics on heart and in mind(sometimes I wonder how they master those lyrics),the hiphop culture touches our culture,our lives,our everything to the pseudo of many hiphop listeners or passbyers.

Inside those lyrical minds there are rich and concrete ideas that are put in place to depict maybe a change;a notice;a call or an inspiration to take more than just listening i have noticed in the upcoming days…

But to take in contention is that youth nowadays have been putting in place the videos or sometimes the fraudulent words that are used not knowing that they are stressed particulates to express culture;and it is time that they should look unto the other side of taking positivity rather than negativity as Kendrick did articulate upon his interview when asked about the matter at hand.

“A flower can bloom in a dark room if you trust it” I add not only trusting but relishing it;those lyrical minds are brilliant and powerful if they are used in good placement for a better culture…take into account my people..

By the ways;am back at my momma’s crib,a basement with one small window in it;the sunshine passing through the morning….Got it haa…iam an artist by the way…haha….get me through soundcloud at:wackenzo😝