BillNass : Get to know the other side of the Chafu Pozi artist


Is your Tuesday that boring? Well worry not the lane promised and it has delivered. Whitney on her daily escapades brings you, William Nicholas, BillNass. The fame behind the great hit Chafu Pozi hitting +255 airwaves and television. BillNass, a third year student at College of Business Education Dar es Salaam met up with our editor Whitney and here is what you didn’t know about him.

Ey! BillNass, Chafu Pozi Chafu Pozi! How you doing? Well tell us what we don’t already know about you.

Bill Nass is William Nicholas. Bill comes Will and Nass from Nicholas.  I am just a Tanzanian youth doing rap and Bongo Flava and hip-hop.

His latest hit Chafu Pozi
His latest hit Chafu Pozi

What is the hardest challenge you have come across in the path of your dream to achieve success?

There are many challenges but the biggest challenge that hurts me most was the discouragement from produces and the fact that they didn’t trust in me and my music and reaching to a certain extent that my music not been recorded in some studios.

What is the secret behind your success?

My secret weapon is the talent I have. Believing in God and placing him ahead of everything. Having discipline and hard work and the love for music that I have and finally trying my best to be different from other musicians.

How do people treat you at Campus? Don’t girls freak out every time they see you! Hehe!

Hahaha! That’s funny….well people treat me as an icon that they look up to me. But the people I study with are used to me, I have been with them for three years. Putting that aside, I am just down to earth and free with anyone who wants to approach me, for you never know when you might need help.

photogrid_1467045925917.jpgYou got to have a girl! If so, how do you create time for your music, studies and girlfriend?

Hahaha! I wonder where you get this info. To be truthful, I don’t have a girlfriend, I am single. It’s because I have a lot on my mind right now, my music and my studies and other responsibilities to fulfil. I need a calm and charming lady and the fact that I can’t have someone who I might not be happy with. When time comes I’ll get her.

You heard it ladies! BillNass is single! Hihi! What do you give priority between your music and studies?

I give priority to my music right now since it is the source of all my bills. With my music, I take care of my education, and everything, I have to look good too, you know. Haha..

What advice do you have for the youth out there in search for a way out in life?

My advice for say; those looking up to me, first they should trust in their abilities given to them by God. Secondly there is time for everything, no need to rush. There is no bad thing in life as having and opportunity but you don’t have the qualities, you’d rather have the qualities and miss out on an opportunity. So let’s be patient and utilise the time you have.

Thank you for your time BillNass.

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