BODY TYPES! The Elephant in the room

The evolution of fashion has always brought hits and misses everywhere. We all have that one outfit in the closet that gathers dust as well as those that enjoy quality time with my bodies a lot more. It is no secret that the essence of good fashion is confidence and as much as the idea is that the comfort within should be exuded without: some other facts should be taken into consideration.


For most people the feminine body is summarized in figures 1, 6, 8 and 9. However like fashion, we have to evolve and view this as the bedrock on which we base the new ways we classify body types. Body types essentially help us dress appropriately and add a new confidence to the individual as they wear what is best suited for them. A few examples; hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle, round…



The beauty of this is that with prior knowledge of body types, one is ready to navigate the fashion trends better because for a fact crop tops are not meant for everyone but because it’s fashion we go bandwagon. Cate at UDSM who is a clear pear has a closet dedicated to high waist pants and dresses that highlight her small waist. ” I dress for my body and rarely follow trends that don’t flatter me.” She is one of the lucky few. ” I love to be in vogue but if the vogue doesn’t make me look on point, what can I do, I hate forcing things.”


Sheila at UDSM however states that, ” Most people even guys feel self conscious but it is good to at least know where you fall because men also have body types and once you know yours, buying clothes is easier, even picking colours for clothes is easier because you now know what is good for you.” She adds on to advise the fashion forward female or male to find out about their body type and find dos and don’ts and embark on a stress free life of maximum marks when caught by fashion police.


Knowing your right body type can help you prevent looking weird i extremely beautiful clothes. Always know your right shape and then dress accordingly.