Boniface Tembo: A Word with the outgoing IFM Prime Minister

The lane on its daily escapades across the grad lane, we manage to stumble upon the outgoing Prime Minister of IFM. Meet Joseph Boniface Tembo Makingi, born in 1991 in Mwanza Region. A humble, energetic, hardworking, a leader, adviser, public speaker, God-fearing and down to earth,  the outgoing Prime Minister of the Student Government at the Institute of Finance Management. (IFM) 2016-2017

Good afternoon Bwana Tembo. Give us a brief insight on your leadership background.

Well what I can say, I guess I was born to lead. (chuckles) Anyway, I was appointed class monitor in my standard two by my class teacher. And thereafter I was elected, Head Prefect of my former secondary school. I grew up with this charisma and when I joined University, I campaigned and voted in as Prime Minister of this Mighty Business Institute.

What drove your aspiration to become Prime Minister of IFM?

IFM? Actually my abilities backed me up for the post. I was bothered by the suffering of my fellow colleagues yet, I believed I had could do something to improve the situation. I believed that if I were in power I could do something to better the current situation. And I believe I have done more than help my colleagues in my position.

What were your goals did you set to achieve by the end of your tenure as Prime minister?

My first was to create unity among all students across the University, help create a serene environment for students to study, harmonising the studying environment and fight for better and equal rights for the students.


What challenges did you face across your journey to success?

Poor co-operation from class representatives, insufficient funds to finance student activities, poor support and being taken for granted by the Management of the Institute.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

I see a successful businessman in Insurance, a renowned politician and activist. A person the society can depend on and lastly a father with a happy and caring family. (laughs)

Any words for the incoming Prime Minister?

He / She is supposed to trust in his or her abilities and confidence to steer the ship forward. He or she should be ready to listen to the people, be a pitiful person and a committed person in execution of his or her duties. And of course he/ she should be God fearing.


How did you find life at Campus generally?

There is a big difference between living as a leader and a common man. Being a leader I was looked up to for inspiration and influence. But generally I will miss the life of partying, the fun, generally. And yeah I hated those long boring morning lectures thanks God they are finally done.

Any comment on the privileges given as Prime Minister of IFM?

Of course I enjoyed the privileges, but they were not that satisfactory according to the title I carried along, but I am also humbled for the opportunity I was given. But generally they were not satisfactory enough to motivate the performance of the student leaders.

A word from the wise to the current crop of the youth?

They should be focused God fearing, But also they should also remember AIDS is out there and it kills. They should life responsibly; avoid unsafe sex, use a condom or completely abstain from sexual intercourse.