Breaking! DARUSO Deputy Security Minister Resigns

Looks like it is the trend… What is not happening in the University of Dar es Salaam Students Organisation?? What started as a sacking is now being considered a revolution as ministers start resigning from the Erasmi Leon Cabinet. Is it bad leadership, poor stewardship or incompetence? What started as a jubilant cabinet is now torn to shreds as gossip along the UDSM grad lane has it that the cabinet is divided into three partitions. With those supporting the Vice President and those against the President. It is rumoured that The Vice President is next in line for resignation as tempers flare… 

Let it go into record that Ex Minister Mwanisongole Paul accepted the Vice President’s request to stay at Mabibo Hostel. when all the rest refused to do so upon being assured of their cabinet positions from the president contemporary to their campaign promise. 

We are yet to hear from the DARUSO President. 

Till then the lane shall keep you updated as more drama unfolds.