Who is a Fuckboy? Campus girl describes it all

Campus girls have invested time into studying fuckboys from what they say, do or even think. It’s all reflected in one way or another. A fuck boy is the worst kind of guy, one who represents the worst sexual trends of this century. Fuck boys are not always easy to spot given their ability to blend in. “Most of the cute guys these days are fuck boys though, believe it or not and the bad news is, it’s not only one in the whole clique, it takes all great-looking charmers who are best buddies” said one fuckboy-escapade victim. So maybe you would want to slow down on those cute guys you know.

Any girl that has been through a community of many guys within the same age bracket most especially 20s read “campusers” will be able to know a fuck boy when she comes across one. His intentions are always well known to you. Finding a fuckboy now has become as common as finding a housefly at a dumping place. Now at least every campus chic should know that they only want to hit it with no strings attached. It’s the replacement for friends with benefits( on the guys’ side). Campus girls have studied them so well that they know that fuck boys don’t care if they get some of your layouts or not. If you refuse he moves onto the next one, they have mastered their art. However some will do all it takes just to hit it and you will be stale beans the next day. If he comes back, you are surely for booty call reasons.

“He is a manipulating guy who does whatever it takes to benefit him regardless of who he screws over and these guys love asking for nudes like their life depends on it” lamented another victim. These guys like “hanging” in their rooms they never initiate actual dates and you wonder what happened to all restaurants, cinemas, gardens. Their rooms became their favorite hangouts.

It’s important that you identify signs of fuck boyism before you get too attached because honestly these guys don’t care for your feelings. He will be singing praises to God, telling you all about him during day and unanimously pleading for your mighty p**y in the wee hours of the night. You know one when he is so obsessed with social media for “just incase” reasons and btw he never takes pictures with you for very known reasons; you are never the only one in the fuckboy world. Like the saying goes, you know he’s a fuck boy when he says he’s not. He is not your potential bae.

Some of you need to relax abit here. If a cute guy happens to get some of your goodies, you should stop feeling all sexy about it, this guy doesn’t even rave about you to his friends, they do not know who you are, get a seat hun. You are not in an exclusive relationship that’s for sure. No one knows you except his room mate. And please if you want to be on top of this fuck boy game get another line other than “ when will you come visit me?” it’s too cliché.