Campus girls, the threaded bob braids are way beyond past stale

Honey, the ship has sailed. Quit trying to swim towards it, it don’t want you no more. Move on to the other ships on the shore. Weaves, that’s something we never complain about, why? It literally looks like your hair. We can’t be mad if you do it over and over again but the threaded bob, girll !! enough with that.

The bob is legendary, it’s been a saving grace for many women’s faces. It brought a whole meaning to the lovely Marilyn Monroe so I can’t really hate but come on, if mama Betty that sells “gongo” is doing these braids then it gets a little too much. 

Now, I’m not talking of the normal Darling bob braids, those have been around yes, but they get a pass. I’m talking of the threaded ones, these that have taken over almost every campus girl’s head. Especially the green… Lord if I’m to see this hair style one more time I will snap. Not to take from the market vendors freshness but sweetheart, you’re a university student, you should hold higher ground, no?

Yes, whatever mess you decide to put on your head is your business, but you can’t be saying you’re a style trendsetter out here in the streets and have me fail to differentiate you from a  mama Ibrah, no!

With that said, hairstyles don’t seem to ever go out with gorgeous girls. Gorgeous in the sense of boss chic that knows to keep her shit together. If you’re this girl, then you won’t be getting shade for your threaded bob braid, why? Your entire outfit, makeup and jewellery is making up for it.

If you can’t be this boss chic then stick to hairstyles that only aim to better you. But seriously, enough, it’s an irrefutable mess really.