#Campus Hustler: Gillian Jared, Music is my passion!

Once you listen to the angelic voice that comes out of this ecstatic nightingale, music would truly be your second if not first item on the agenda each morning.

A calm and charming pretty lady, Gillian Jared, a third year student at University of Dar es Salaam pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, shares with us why music is such a passion to her.

Tell us more about Gillian? What defines your character?

Gillian; means youthful. I like being happy it is what matters most. I began singing back in 2003 in an SDA school in church.

In 2009 I first performed “With you” by Chris Brown in my secondary school. I was impressed by how people cheered. Thats when I began doing both secular and non secular songs until recently earlier this year. I decided to put all my efforts in gospel music. I also have a thing for acting. I love animations too? they make me happy… My character isn’t that definitive; just a simple calm lady with a calm profile.

Sounds to me you have your mind made up. Whats it going to be Music or Books as a career?

Well i can’t choose one?. Music is like the air I breathe. Books?… they are a neccessity. I know I need them both. And yes they can so work together…though not always… education is key.

A jill of all trades; Huh! What was that defining moment in your career?

Well, earlier this year there was an overnight servic about praise and worship. It was hosted by Mabibo Christian Fellowship… I got a chance to sing. My mind was made up what to do with my voice. To sing for God. Bring people to God through my singing. Empower the broken hearted and also put smiles on people’s faces. Because in this world we are all brought to help someone else.

“God comforts us to comfort others not to keep us comfortable.” Gillian Jared

Pretty amazing! That’s encouraging! What songs have you done so far?

Mostly I hav done covers. Talking to the moon, being one that succeeded to spread at a wide range. An original song “my everything” which was a featuring with Dellan.
But currently I have diverged and I am focusing on gospel music. So recently I have been doing my own original songs; like
New” which I wrote specially for my birthday.

I see greater songs in the pipeline! Indeed. We anxiously await. Where do you see Gillian in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years… I see me on an international level. Able to go anywhere. Buy anything. Live anywhere?

Thats pretty encouraging. Thanks for your time, Gillian.

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