#Campus Hustler! Meet UDSM’s Aisha, an Exceptional Make-Up Artist

Nobody needed to inspire and persuade her into pursuing a career as a make-up stylist  on top of her campus obligations, she had it all planned out right from her childhood, it was her realistic dream she had to pursue. Making-up had always been her passion and once she landed on the opportunity; Aisha grabbed it. Senoritah Glamour was born.

Aisha Waziri is a third year Bachelor of Commerce student at University of Dar es Salaam. Aisha is a person who believes can be good at everything and capable of putting her dreams on wheel. She sees everything as an opportunity and not afraid of the risk. 

About start up and Capital

Starting out wasn’t quite an easy journey, wanting to express the art inside her.,traces wayback to her childhood, never did she waste time, lipstick came infront of her, a habit she carried on in her secondary, where incase of any extracurricular activities at school. I seized the opportunity as a designer for clothes and makeup. People acknowledged my work and I was dazzled. 

Staying idle after high school, she couldn’t bare, so she started selling cosmetics. I can’t really trace the exact capital I started with; I used my personal stuff at some time. Today, Senoritah Glamour is worth more than Tshs 500,000. 

Benefits from Senoritah Glamour

She hasnt earned that much from the business, but the start is always tough. Every income earned is reinvested in the business and covers up small needs. She doesnt ask for money every now and then from parents. Bosslady right huh!

Challenges faced

Currently, I have no offices making me lose out on some clients but that gives me the opportunity to reach my clients wherever they are. Another is the current competition in the industry; but I am thankful as I learn more and it presents me with various ideas how to go about the industry.

Future Prospects 

Aisha sees herself as a great make-up artist with an aim to build her own make up studio so as to deliver that magnificent touch of class to her clients. She doesnt want to be employed but if the salary is good. Why not? I shall use it as a source of capital for my studio.

Aisha’s word to the youth: Seize every opportunity, with whatever you have. Tomorrow waits for none. 

You can reach Senoritah Glamour on Instagram @senoritahglamour.