Campus Rides! “I drive a Toyota but I see myself in an Audi” Abdul Mndili

Meet Abdul Mndili, a third year student from University of Dar es Salaam currently pursuing a   bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from UDBS. A modest and charming young man, who has a taste for fashion and enjoys cracking jokes, we met with Abdul who is currently among University lads with newest rides on the list towards the end of the year. We had abit of chitchat and this is what we got to hear from him.

What car make and model do you drive?

I drive a Toyota Wish.

That seems like a very big car for a youngster your age?

Not really… to somebody else it might seem as a pretty big car but to me it’s rather comfy!

What does your car mean to you?

My car means so much to me, the feeling one has with their pet animal is the same feeling I have for my car (chuckles).

What amount do you spend on car fuel and services?

Uuuhm….not much, but I won’t really go that much into numbers, it’s not that much of a large amount.


Does your girl hold on to you because of true love or rather you having a car which simplifies her life?

(Laughs) She is not of that type bhana… she loves me as I am and I really thank God for that.


In what car do you see yourself in years to come?

(Pauses for a while)… uuhm, I pretty much see myself in an Audi, that’s my dream car.

Last but not least, give us your opinion, having a car while in University is a luxury or a necessity?

Well, it pretty much depends with the circumstances, to my side, it’s a necessity depending on the nature of lifestyle I’m living.


That’s all for this week’s edition guys… its weekend so remember NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE, Stay safe y’all! Catch up with Abdull through his social network pages  below

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