Campus Rides! Luxury and Class is key – Ally Sarumbo

Ace Hood once said,“ Hustle,Hustle Hard”. This is a key to greatness and success. Ally Sarumbo, a third year from UDSM pursuing a degree in banking and financial services explains to us how he was able to seat behind the wheel of some very expensive and luxury car he currently drives and what he has gone through in his car life.

What car make and model do you drive?
I drive a new model Toyota Harrier.

Why did you decide to go for a Toyota Harrier and not any other car?
Well, luxury and class is attention to details and the car I drive combines all those elements this giving me a really unique feeling.

So how did you manage to own such an expensive car while ye you are still a University student?
I work really hard mzee, apart from being a student, I also have a number of business ventures together with agriculture,am a good farmer you know.(laughs)

What part of your car do you like?
I really like my car seats and the music system.

Have you ever hard a bad experience with your car?
Bad moment ilikuwa with my first car nikiwa form six, washkaji walipata nalo ajali so ikabidi niliuze ingawa it was my favourite car but also, currently Napata shida na watoto wa kitaa wanalichoragachoraga mnoo.

What’s your most memorable journey ever?
I once travelled from Moshi to Pangani with my brothers, that trip is my most memorable journey.

Between your girl and your car, what takes most of your time?
No lie… my car really takes most of my time but my girl would still be my girl.

What song should somebody expect to hear when (s)he aks for a ride in your car?
Well, my most favourite song is Pills and and Automobile by Chriss Brown and also Musi Masika-Shule.

Dream car maybe?
My dream car is either a GMC or a Range Rover Autobiography..

Well, Ally tells us if you hustle for greatness just drop everything that doesn’t make sense in your life and then stick to your goal…

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