Campus Rides! Rolling with Goodluck Malaki

Before writing this article, I happened to come across a text which insisted that a man’s attractiveness depends on the type of clothes he wears, the way he walks, his table manners, hair cut and physique but most importantly the type of car he cruises in on daily bases, then I happened to bump into a guy who takes a spot in today’s campus rides spot!

Meet Goodluck Godfrey Malaki, a third year student from Ardhi University who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Economics (BAE).

At first sight, Goodluck seems to me like a pretty cool kid who likes keeping a low profile until when I happened to see a big Red logo of his name on the backglass of his car!

This made me speak to Goodluck more about his ride in campus and to hear what he has to say about himself…

Describe yourself using a simple sentence

Goodluck : I’m a low profile guy with visions .

Whats your car make and model?

Goodluck : I’m a Toyota diehard fan, and I actually drive a Toyota Mark X.

What was your first ever car to own

Goodluck : I hope by saying owning, unamaanisha kwa kununua mweyewe right! coz if that’s so, my first ever car to own was a Toyota Mark X (he seems to have a thingwith Mark Xs’ )

What’s with the big Red logo with your name on the back of your car?

Goodluck : (with laughter) Actually…That’s just a way of giving my car a more unique look from other cars because it seems to scream out loud my name whenever I’m hitting the roads.

Ever had an issue with your car while out n’ about with your clique?

Goodluck : (pausing for a while) weel…yeah nimeshawahi pata a flat tire while with my friends lakini kiukweli walinisaidia sana kufix tairi langu and tukaweza kuendelea na mishe zetu.

Do you have fuel issues with your car

Goodluck : Well… my car has a big capacity engine( 2500cc) so sometimes I get worried ile warning alarm light ya fuel gauge ikianza kuwaka, and ofcourse (while laughing) ile taa ujue haijawahi muacha mtu salama bro

Can you sacrifice your car over a girl?

Goodluck : Mmmmmmhm……kwakweli hapana aseeh , my car gives me life in its own manner.

What’s your advice to this year’s fresher’s from your University?

Goodluck : Well, they should really stick to what brought them to University which makes everything else just a by the way.(he’s smart voicing Dj Khaleed )

So whats your dream car?

Goodluck : Uuuhm, a range rover will suit me best when I decide to go for bigger cars.
Well guys, as I winded up my interview with Goodluck and he took of, He left me pondering if the text I mentioned earlier about what makes a man attractive is either true or not!

You can share your thoughts on the comments section as you hook up with Goodluck via his social networks pages as

Instagram @ goodiegodfrey

Snapchat @goodie godfrey

Till next week fellas……Adios!