Campus rides! Stay out of Trouble!

Yeah… we are all aware that University schedule is back on track folks and with that comes alot of shear excitement about what went down during the holiday right!

New tricks, new gadgets, new lovers but most importantly to those with cars, new car handling tricks whilst on the road…sounds badass right! but when improperly handled,

This could lead to alot of fatalities which is a loss to our loved ones, the University community but most importantly to the nation.

Here are some DON’TS while on the road. Take notes fellas….it might save your life tomorrow if not today!

Do not Drink and Drive.

That extra bottle of alcohol while with friends might cost your life, when going out with friends make sure one of you doesn’t drink so you could head back to campus safe and sound or rather just don’t drink at all.

There are plenty of substitutes for alcohol when you want to have fun.

Do not use your Earphones while driving.

I bet the stereo in your car surely does the trick when the urge of good music comes to heart,

Using earphones while driving be it receiving a call, enjoying good music or rather just showing off reduces the level of concentration while on the road so just wait till when you’re somewhere comfortable, you can listen to Chris Brown’s- If you’re down as much as you want.

Do not text while driving.

You receive an urgent text that you feel like answering? Just make a quick stop at the side of the road and answer it, no need of texting while driving fellas,

It might cost your life if not of a fellow driver or rather an innocent pedestrian.

Avoid silly races or speeding on the road.

You drive a Subaru, Altezza, Mark X and want o show off what power you have under the hood? That’s alright as long as you’re on the right place and during the right time.

Before roaring that engine and speeding off on the road, just remember what hospitals look like, how awful an accident is, but most importantly what your life is worth.

Well… I hope you got a few tips to keep you safe and enjoy your University life and car of course, so before you place your key in the ignition and switch the engine on, think of safety and of course, don’t forget to strap your seat belts on fellas.

Till next time….stay safe!