Campus Tales! Open letter to freshers

Dear Fresher

Now that you’re finally settled in, you are expecting advice from those that have been there and done that. Advice that you are not going to get from your College Principal and Lecturers. Well, look no further.
Campus is fun, peculiar and strange at the same time. To be able to get out of Campus in one piece, you need to pull all those three strings carefully.

☆ Academics
First of all, it is only right that you forever keep in mind the sole reason you’re in Campus. After 3, 4 or 5 years, what will matter is if you officially wear that gown or not. The times you got laid and the nights you sweated out in Club wont matter.
So make your studies paramount.


☆ Friendships
Life is about memories. Memories are best accumulated with friends. Friends are so easy to acquire at Campus.
Try to know as many people as you can, you never know which one you will need. Don’t curse the guy that mistakenly steps on your borrowed pair of shoes. At the end of the Semester, he could be the only one with that one handout that will make you avoid a retake.
Besides, brokeness is not only survived by having a lot of money. Having where to borrow from is also important. In fact, it is key.

☆ Amusement.
The nursery school saying “work without play, made Jack a dull boy” carries a lot of sense at this stage in life. The choice of play is yours.
You can choose to play Soccer. You can play Pool. You can even play sex – for all we care. But just have fun.
After a whole week of assignments, do something that you believe will relax your mind. It is good for your health.

☆ Take Note
However, have a limit. Like I said, Campus is fun and free. Everyone is grown. No one cares who you go to bed with. No one cares what you do behind doors. But if you get pregnant or acquire some unusual STD, everyone will care. Including your parents upcountry that are having sleepless nights trying to make you comfortable.
Don’t give your mum a heart attack, play safe.

Till then the Lane treads along freshers zone!