Cheaper cars to own while in University

The best cars for students are… Sorry. What’s that you said? Students don’t need cars? It’s a luxury they can’t afford?

I hear you. Students should rightly live hand-to-mouth, watching their pennies, learning to make do on mac-and-cheese with tinned tuna. If they need to get somewhere, they can ride a bike, or take transit, or carpool or bum rides from their parents and friends, or in extreme cases, rent a car by the minute from Uber or some such thing.

But it comes a time when your pocket is full and the urge of having a car kicks in, we have shortlisted for you a list of slightly cheap cars to purchase but most importantly to take care of while still as a youngster in University level.


To narrow the field of choices, here we have ranked 10 new small cars that you should be able to get for everyday use with discounts and hard dealing. Very straightforward and the numbers should shock you in a good way.

  1. Toyota Vits
  2. Pajero Mini
  3. Toyota Passo
  4. Toyota Wills Cypha
  5. Mazda Demio
  6. Hyundai i30
  7. Suzuki Swift
  8. Chevrolet Cruze
  9. Toyota Ractis
  10. Toyota Platz


Good luck and here’s an early toast to an on-time graduation but most importantly, if you think you don’t have that much of a pocket to spend on a car then stick to the regular public mode of transport.