Chips zege, NO! Naepuka kitambi – Miss Ardhi 2017/18

Many ladies are fighting against growing that belly, the lane caught up with Miss Ardhi 2017/18 MsGladys John Mkangama, a model with Black Fox Models, to give us an insight of her trendy lifestyle. Gladys Mkangama is a 3rd year student at Ardhi University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Property and Facilities Management. 

Hey Gladys, tell us about yourself, what does it feel like to be Miss Ardhi?

Religious, honest and trustworthy! I feel honoured to represent my chuo across nations in many beauty pageants.

Tell us about your wild side of life before becoming Miss Ardhi. 

I really didnt have one. It was simple, fun and til today it rocks all the same.

Oh! the silent type of lady! What crazy thing did you do at boot camp?

Hahaha! There was this one time, I was in a hurry and undressed infront of my fellow participants! They were shocked.. but thats life hahaaaha.

Bold move right there! Who do you think would have won the pageant, were it not you? Any favorites? 

Well, I believe it was an open book, any one could have won. The competition was tough, glad I won. The girls were really bringing it on! Fire! Fire! 

Off the record, what is your favorite food at Campus? Ladies love chips zege, kuku.. does it work its magic on you too?

Hell no! I hate “zege”  “Naepuka kitambi” (chuckles) I prefer chips with fried bananas. It keeps my belly flat and sexy. ? 

You heard her ladies! Zege gets you vitambi, what is your worst moment at Campus? 

That moment when you open the paper and discover that 90% of what you read is not in the exam. The time shifts so fast, you have nothing to write yet your neighbour is whistling away in joy. Hehe.. shit happens anyway.

Haha! You hit a nerve right there! Tell me are you single? If not who is the lucky guy?

No I am taken. Haha indeed he is lucky, but ladies are watching, so nop  I won’t reveal his name. Ladies are waiting to snatch him.

Haha! Looks like ladies are seriously hunting husbands! Any last words for us? 

Nothing comes easy in life. Fight to the end and you shall succeed.

Thanks for your time, Gladys. Catchup with Gladys on Instagram @ms_gladys13