Confront your Fears!

We go through a series of events that cover a range of emotional hot buttons in our life. From love to hatred, anger, fear, hope, betrayal name it. Many of us live lives and think it’s all going to be fruit and fibre but when the world shows you its dark side, you are not even strong enough to get back to your twos.

But that’s when reality sets in, you are the boy your father used to tell you about. “How do I make ends meet?” that will be the sound of the tiny voices that whisper through your ears. Your guts say you can but something about your physical presence that says you can’t.

My biggest glitch had always been low self-esteem and low buoyancy but One wise man always told me, “ learn to do the things you fear the most”, all this seemed futile until I addressed my small spirit that roams the world about this and when I did, my confidence was pushed several notches higher. I had to dig deep within myself to at least find my strength.

I still couldn’t find that one thing I could say I loved doing. It’s not because it was not there, it’s because each time I thought about them, a negative thought always slithered through my mind saying I couldn’t. Most of my strengths were realized by my friends.

I’m grateful but it should never have been that way. No, this should not be the life a youth aiming at greatness should live. I learnt to believe in myself a little bit more and get expressive a lot more. I realized that my paramount potency and A-Game was in leadership and written expression. I love writing, I live for writing. It has been my voice in so many unfathomable situations.

Every ounce of greatness that you feel running in your mind, should be given a try. Some of my greatest acquaintances used to say I had unrealistic dreams, but I gathered that, that could be the start for me to make my dreams real and maybe someday I will be written about in their diaries for achieving something they thought of as unrealistic.

No dream is invalid. Our life zombie and immense limitation is our mind. What you see is what you become. If your mind is shallow and blinded the furthest it sees is what you will work towards achieving. The further you see, the clearer your vision gets. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but powerful beyond what we can appraise.

Don’t lose a diamond while playing with worthless stones. Your mind is playing tricks on you and sometimes you need to be your own hero to see the noiseless breakthroughs. Face your fears today, you will tell your success story tomorrow!!