CORRUPTION! DARUSO Public Accounting Committee files a case against the Finance ministry for FUNDS MISUSE

In what appears to be a series of uncovering alleged corruption, poor leadership principles and alleged office mismanagement, the lane brings you untapped and exclusive news about the scandalous  DARUSO SAGA. As og yesteday after the resignation turmoil, the organ’s finance and government accounting committee represented by its secretary, Mr Matata Juma filed a motion with the Judiciary organ of the University seeking information on alleged fund emblezzment against the Daruso Ministry of Finance and Management. 

In a motion where Mr Matata Juma against

  • Kavishe Jackline
  • Ouma Isaac
  • Edgar Gamba
  • Saning’o Loponu

    The above are charged with 

    1. Inappropiate funds collection and accountability from buses (shuttles) fees as required by the regulations.
    2. Mr Matata is ready to appear in court at any given time to state further evidence. 

    Upon being found guilty, Mr Matata requires the accused to consider the following.

    1. Resign from office with utmost immediacy
    2. Return and account for every penny squandered or embezzled.
    3. Any other punishment the court deems fit for the guilty party. 

        The full dossier in pictures below;