DARUSO President in trouble

The Dar es Salaam University Student Organisation (DARUSO) is committed to impeach its President, Mr John Jeremiah.

This came as a result of Mr John Jeremiah’s decision to congragulate the country’s President,H.E John Pombe Magufuli on his turning down of the recent proposal by one of the country’s MPs to extend the Presidential term limit to 7 years from the usual 5.

The statement made by the DARUSO President

This act was condemned by the Daruso Vice President, Miss Anastazia Antony and the Daruso Parliament Speaker, Mr Deo Mahinyila who bitterly claimed it was rather personal than institutional(Daruso).This is because Mr John Jeremiah is allegedly believed to be a reknown Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) cadre.

Due to this chaos among the UDSM guild government,the Daruso President decided to use the power vested in him to sack a number of members from his cabinet including the Loans Ministers, Mr Malobo Stanislaus and Miss Deborah Mlawa.The Health Minister did not too survive.

This was because of their decision to oppose his move to congratulate the nation’s President.However,the rest of the Daruso in show of solidarity to the sacked comrades, decided to start procedures to make sure the Daruso President is impeached as soon as possible.

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