DARUSO tells Freshers not to sign against their loan allocations

University of Dar es salaam students organisation along with TAHILISHO, marched to the Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Students Loans Board to discuss the unfair distribution of loans to the first year students in various universities. Speaking to MagicFM the president of DARUSO  Mr Erasmus Leon, the media that  students were allocated minimal amounts for upkeep, a point in case where a student was allocated only 77000 for two months, upon breaking down this amount, a student might not even last two weeks at the university. 

Speaking on Jahazi airing on Clouds FM, Ms. Shamira Mshangama the Vice President of DARUSO says the government has not taken into consideration the risk of exposing these young girls to dangers of prostitution. Students were accustomed to 510,000/= which was fair but currently the recent allocations of  a meagre 10,000/= is quite unacceptable. 

The board along with the ministry have promised to revise the stats and necessary ammendments made. The minister and deputy minister could not be reached for comment. The lane shall keep updating you.


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