Depressed! I Can’t Get Out Of My Sweat Pants

Burning flames grow higher within a depressed person, throws black shadows on one’s feelings, mood and personality. Its claws when gets hold of you, can tear until beneath the skin, straight to the blood and heart. The nagging feel of trying to put off those tight pants you rocked for the day!

When depression hoots, all senses stand still in confusion and despair. If depression can pull life out, it’s simply a monster.

Alot of things in life can be depressing, let’s say; failure, disappointments, fatigue, guilt, hopelessness and pessimism, can all be frustrating. At its entrance, depression comes with self blame guilt and frustration that can only haunt you alone and your thoughts.

This can gradually affect the way you behave, live, think and feel.
The Monster under your bed is more harmless than the monster in your head. Research suggests that depression can sometimes cause death.

Looking closely to what caused death to a korean singer; Kim Jonghyun, depression was major. He looked at the self as a failure and this alone permitted depression that had slowly devoured him to finally consume him.

Depression as a mood disorder keeps life unstable and can lure one into committing suicide. Learning to let go of some things can cure and prevent the depression monster to prey on us.

Forgiving and forgetting too frees us from unnecessary stress and fatigue, loosening up and looking at life positively wraps it all. The monster of depression can be your own thoughts, it’s much possible to kill the monster without becoming one.